RAW Roulette: I’ve always liked this idea as it gives RAW a bigger match variety then usual. I mean how often do you see a Cage Match, Tables Match or Falls Count Anywhere on RAW? Let alone all on the same episode? However, they find some way to make it lackluster like any RAW. Also, I wonder if next week’s RAW will be a regular episode or another gimmick show. Perhaps another edition of WWE Old School? Is Creative really that burned out to do so?

HBK: So this is why HBK stopped by, to plug his show. I like HBK as much as the next fan, but his whole ‘I’m not here to plug my show’ mock speech was kinda lame and not that funny at all. So is his show is about hunting and rivers? I’d rather watch Swamp People.

CM Punk: Perfect guy to interrupt HBK, in terms of the mic back-and-forth. Interesting that Punk called himself The Future, partly because it’s so ironic in that Punk is practically being buried. Really Jerry? You’re wondering why Punk would leave? As annoying as Cole is, he made some very good points as to why Punk would walk out of his match vs Kane.

Tag Champs: Otunga sure sold that Sweet Chin Music well by laying motionless in the ring for that long. HBK taking out both Otunga and McGillicutty knocks down the Tag Team Championships down another notch. So what are the Tag Titles worth now? -$5,471?

Sin Cara: Botch right from the start? He did have to grab the ropes as he did his signature entrance. Speaking of botches, does the ring bell being rung prematurely count as one? Isn’t a No Countout match the same as Falls Count Anywhere but the pin has to be in the ring? Is Cara ever going to speak or is that going to be part of his mystique? If he does, I’d imagine him as someone like Funaki, who’d just say ‘INDEED’, perhaps Cara could have some one word catchphrase.

Kofi & Ziggy: So we have Kofi v Dolph for the 400th time. Can’t we see Kofi v Drew or Dolph v Evan or anything except for the the same thing? Yes the matches are generally good, but repetition is good if you need to practice your baseball swing, not for the same two wrestlers in the same match over and over again.

Del Rio: A Maryse sighting? When was the last time we saw that on RAW? Could they be pairing her up with Del Rio? They really need to get rid of escaping through the cage door from a Cage Match. A match that is promoted to be so brutal should not have such an easy way to win, even with how hard they sell escaping via the door.

Mark Henry: Well the Cage Match ended the way I thought it would, with interference from Henry. They sure are giving him a giant push. First he rips off the cage door, then uses it to smash Big Show and in the process taking down a side of the cage. Was that a ‘Holy S@!$’ chant from the crowd? I’m actually interested to see where they go with Henry’s character from here on.

Divas Submission Match: Really? Really? This was either a fluke and the wheel was supposed to land on Pillow Fight or Creative wanted to put on a halfway decent Divas Match. It was short but Kelly won with the Walls of Kelly, I mean with a Boston Crab.

Drew McIntyre: I wonder how long it will be until we see McIntyre on RAW again. His stock is about as low as the Tag Team Champions. I mean the only reason those three got TV time was to get attacked by HBK. How can you have a youth movement in the WWE when you bury young stars constantly?

Tornado Tag: There was a fan in the stands with a sign that read ‘Botch A Mania’ which I thought was funny. Isn’t this match basically a Fatal 4 Way with teams? Some of these gimmick matches are a bit unimaginative. They did do theĀ  whole thing where one or two wrestlers were outside and it became a standard singles match. However, the action was pretty constant and there were some nice spots, including a nice spinebuster from Riley, who also pulled off what looked like Edge’s Executioner DDT.

Tables Main Event: It was Cena v Orton in a Tables Match as the main event of the last RAW Roulette. Cena lost that one, he also lost the Tables match for the WWE Title to Sheamus. Perhaps this match is Cena’s weakness? Nah, SuperCena has no weaknesses. He can only be beaten if foul play is involved, as was the case here, with the distraction provided by a Stone-Cold-T-Shirt clad CM Punk.

CM Punk: Yes he deserves another little paragraph. Post-distraction, Punk proceeds to cut a very personal promo. With his insistence that his is the best ‘wrestler’, best mic worker and his tirade in general, one can only wonder how much of this are Punk’s actual feelings and what is scripted, there was so much breaking of kayfabe. I persoanlly think this was Punk speaking from the heart, as he mentioned pretty much every forbidden word in the WWE, including insulting Stephanie and Triple H and wondering what the WWE would be like if Vince were dead. I mean they even cut his mic and the show went dark. But the cynic in me says this was just a clever move by Creative. Vince has now suspended Punk and if this was Punk’s last WWE appearance, what a way to go out with one the most epic promos/rants in WWE history.

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