Tourney Final: This match isn’t the main event? You’d think with all the importance put on this tournament last week, they’d save it for the end of the show. At least Cole is there to tell us all the greatness of The Miz. Does he not pay attention to other wrestling promotions? They are plenty of great champions that have won masks; Jushin Liger and El Santo are just a few. Jerry is right, Cole is reaching with that long winded anti-mask rant. That DDT from Miz to a kneeling Mysterio looks like it could hurt in reality. What hurts even more is the constant bickering between Lawler and Cole, that is taking away from the match. Somewhat surprising that they would let Rey get the win, so much for the youth movement. Queue up Del Rio’s music! Although he gets the better of Alberto, at least Rey didn’t become a victim of MITB cash-in for a second time.

Evan Bourne: Why did they even mention Bourne would be in line for a US Title shot if could win against Ziggler? We all know he will never be more then a spot monkey and those peace signs are doing nothing for his credibility. Granted, Air Bourne is a sweet move, especially when he gets RKOed in mid air.

Divas: These kind of matches are always a bit boring, but there were a few interesting spots. Eve’s ‘provocative’ move before the standing moonsault and Kelly showing some attitude by mocking Maryse’s signature pose are those moments. Otherwise, no seeming direction for the Divas division and watching a TNA Knockouts match really highlights that.

State of the WWE: So that’s why the Tourney Final started the show, with Rey’s first defense on the same night. I figured something like this would happen. I really hope they don’t just put it back on Cena, although that’s what probably will happen. I’m pretty sure this ‘blockbuster’ return is someone like Batista. Well JR is even better and Cole is not too thrilled. The quality of RAW just went up by a factor of a million. Triple H’s first act as COO should set a great tone, however, Cole in a match is quite the damper. So is the appearance of R Truth and his ‘imaginery’ friends he keeps turning and talking to, and it gives H some time to brush off his comedy chops. With Morrison back, the match between him and Truth at Summerslam is pretty much set. Morrison is back and also back to botching Starship Pain.

Zack Attack: I think I’m going to be ill, Cole as The Game? Did he anger someone backstage and now has to pay? Other then that, you know it’s a new regime now that Zack Ryder is on a live RAW show. Cole is certainly one of the more hated figures in WWE, so The Broski gets some face pops for that. On the other hand, beating Cole in like 22 seconds does nothing for his credibility going forward. If they’re really going to push him, they need for him to wrestle against decent opposition.

JR: Reason #173 (there are 682 in total) of why JR being back is good: He astutely points out that Del Rio is working on wearing down Kofi’s arm, presumably to set up the Cross Arm Breaker. The quality of the commentating is so much more noticeable. RAW ratings might go up simply because JR is back with a headset on.

Miz: The usual good promo from the Miz, pointing out that it was really Cena who got WWE into its current situation. His comments on the face of the WWE ‘having no face’ were interesting and he does get a chance to plug his Lopez Tonight appearance. When he kept saying Triple H and his new WWE are a mistake, I was thinking this might foreshadow some future angle.

Cena v Miz: The only credible way Cena can walk out with the WWE Title is if he somehow turns heel, which is incredibly unlikely to happen. If he wins in the usual Cena fashion, the steam this ‘new WWE’ angle has gained will lose some momentum. I don’t disagree with the fact that Cena gets the first shot at the title, since he was the ‘previous’ champion, but there’s no way this will end without controversy. Surprisingly, Cena is doing a good job of grounding the high flying Mysterio, with the waistlock and other moves. Mysterio’s dropkick to interrupt the Five Moves of Doom was awesome, as I’m sure the groans of the anti-CeNation turned to cheers. Interesting point made by Jerry that Cena hasn’t thrown one punch in the match. The crowd goes nuts when Mysterio counters an STF attempt into an STF of his own! That is ruined when Cena, of course, gets up on one foot and brakes the hold. Then he wins, and the title is back where it belongs (<–sarcasm). Then even more shocking, Punk, with his WWE belt, shows up to an amazing ovation. I figured they would hold off on bringing Punk back for much longer. Show ends with a staredown and both champs holding up their belts, which is how it should be, as opposed to a promo, as it builds tension and mystery for next week.