I’m doing things a little different tonight, since I’m really watching Monday Night Football and I’m running through RAW when I get time. I’ll try to go segment by segment, and we’ll see how it goes.

RAW recaps the No Confidence stuff from last week, and if WWE were smart, they’d also recap some of the things said on Smackdown by guys who said they wouldn’t be showing up on RAW until COO-HHH is no longer in power… but they won’t, because Smackdown is their secondary show and they like to pretend like it doesn’t exist.

The hallways are basically empty, I’m not hearing any announce team, the Gorilla position is empty… but the production crew is there so we get the videotron stuff and The Game’s theme song, so someone’s working backstage.

John Cena shows up and reminds us that he wasn’t at ringside last week, which I pointed out in last week’s article. Do the other no-shows from last week show up tonight?

Sheamus is there, and he’s fine with the fact that COO-HHH gave him an “arse” kicking 18 months ago, so he’s there to stand behind The Game, too.

They saved the best for last, and CM Punk makes his appearance. After a nice little “CM Punk” chant, we hear that Punk feels responsible for the walkout, but he says those guys outside the arena not doing their job are missing the point. Punk reminds us that wrestling THRIVES on unsafe working environments, and he says that he respects the other three guys in the ring because they like to do their business man to man inside the ring.

COO-HHH sets up a match to start the show, and it’s going to be Sheamus against John Cena, with The Game as referee and CM Punk starting the match with the ring of the bell before hoping on commentary.

Match – Sheamus vs John Cena

And before we can get any golden commentary from Punk, we get the first commercial break of the night.

We return… but we don’t. Things don’t really continue in the ring… or on commentary… as Vince McMahon shows up and wants to have some words with COO-HHH. Cena, Sheamus and Punk all get told they can leave the ringside area, which is disappointing because I would’ve liked to have Punk on commentary while The Game and Vince were talking in the ring.

After an initial vote of confidence by Vince for the job the current COO is doing… we find out that the board of directors don’t like the job COO-HHH is doing… so he goes back to just being HHH.

No member of the McMahon family is going to be running Monday Night RAW… and John Laurinitis was named to be the interim GM spot.

Laurinitis appropriately gets booed, with the fans voicing their displeasure over the scheming Laurinitis was obviously doing, giving him a “you suck” chant before the commercial.

John Morrison gets welcomed back into the building, tells Laurinitis that he agrees with the fans that John sucks, and so he gets booked immediately into a match. Christian walks in next, and he gets booked against JoMo in the next match… and he’s followed to the ring by the heel contingent.

The announce crew shows up, and I fast forwarded because simply put I don’t care what they have to say about why they missed the final 3 minutes of RAW last week, nor the first 38 minutes tonight.

Match – John Morrison vs Christian

Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes come to the ring with Christian, and it doesn’t take much for Christian to help John Morrison continue his losing streak.

World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry makes his entrance next, and his entrance takes so long that we have time for a commercial break AND a backstage segment where HHH threatens John Laurinitis.

Mark Henry is finally in the ring with a mic in his hand, saying he’s willing to take on whoever is deemed the #1 contender.

We get a flashback to Smackdown where Big Show and Mark Henry were at odds with each other, involving Mark Henry refusing a match with Big Show, only to have Show dominate him and then Teddy Long books the match anyway.

Match – Mark Henry vs Randy Orton

The feud between Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton gets kicked up a notch, as the plexi-glass masked one shows up and attacks Orton, causing a No Contest against Mark Henry… but then Orton has his way with Cody Rhodes until Mark Henry gets back up and a blocked RKO gets turned into a World’s Strongest Slam… twice… laying out Orton.

Cody Rhodes gets back into the ring and attacks Randy Orton, then gets a paper bag and puts it over the head of the Viper.

Diva Tag Match – Kelly Kelly & Eve vs Tamina & Rosa Mendes

Notable spots: Kelly Kelly tries to keep up her uber-aggression, but Tamina puts a stop to that. Eve Torres actually does some really athletic stuff in the ring, leading to a pinfall over Tamina.

Backstage Beth Phoenix and Natalya don’t look thrilled that the golden Divas won.

John Laurinitis has something to say, so he doesn’t eve wait for the Divas to exit before he shows up with a mic.

Announcement 1: At Vengeance, Alberto Del Rio will be defending the belt against John Cena

Announcement 2: Laurinitis invites Jim Ross into the ring, admonishes him for walking out of RAW last week, calls him an ingrate along with some other names, then fires Jim Ross. After a tip of his cap, Jim Ross smiles and walks out… leaving us at the mercy of Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler… and I might watch the rest of the show on MUTE.

Six-Man Tag – Mason Ryan & Air Boom vs David Otunga, Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger

The match was just as entertaining as you might have expected, the great offense and move-selling from Kofi, Bourne, Swagger and Ziggler, who are really starting to get considerable chemistry in there. David Otunga didn’t spend enough time in the ring to have a significant impact on the enjoyability of the match… same with Mason Ryan.  The good guys win, no shock there.

Brodus Clay gets a hype video, and they refer to him as a “juggernaut”, which I guess is a decent assessment, since he never really got any momentum to start with.

Less credible than Brodus being considered a “juggernaut” is the movie “The Reunion”, the latest offering from WWE Films.

Main Event – Alberto Del Rio vs CM Punk

The match was well executed by both competitors, while it lasted, but then John Laurinitis shows up and puts a hault to things… restarting it as a tag match….

Tag Match Main Event – Alberto Del Rio & CM Punk vs The Miz & R-Truth

Okay, so essentially this is a handicap match?

After some in-ring action, Del Rio “has a problem with his leg”, so it becomes an actual handicap match. Because Punk isn’t “John Cena” nor “Randy Orton”, this likely won’t turn out well for him.

Punk actually gets to the point where he was going to hit The Miz with the Go2Sleep, but R-Truth shows up, then he and The Miz dominate before The Game shows up and actually pummels The Miz and R-Truth to help CM Punk in one of the oddest pairings I’ve seen in a while.

At Vengeance, John Laurinitis is setting up a tag match involving Triple H & CM Punk taking on R-Truth & The Miz.