hhh-orton-shieldThe HHH reign of terror and being good for business continues, so how will the locker room respond? Will Show and Ziggler remain silent? Who will H intimidate this week? Whatever happened to Show’s iron-clad contract? Who will Bryan face in a gauntlet match this week? What sort of devious trap does Heyman have in store for Punk this week? Will Punk get some Clobbering Time revenge? Will the Divas step up after AJ insulted all of them? Whatever happened to Kane? More importantly, when will Los Matadores debut?

Yescalade: If WWE hasn’t already capitalized on Bryan’s defacing of Orton’s new vehicle, then they should start right now. The company loves a business opportunity that gets them exposure, such as when they took advantage of Rock’s Fruity Pebbles comment to get Cena on the box of the cereal. In this instance Cadillac could release a special edition edition of the Escalade called the Yescalade. Perhaps it could have YES painted/sprayed all over the car, a giant beard on the front hood or hanging from the front grill? Either way, it’s sure to make some money and isn’t that what HHH is chiefly concerned about right now?

HHH: It’s been said in this column that H is a much better heel and he continues to show it every week. However, his show opening promo with Bryan and Orton as well as his interruption of MizTV last week on Smackdown show just how well he can play the condescending prick. The way he sarcastically praises Bryan is just one of the many tools he has in his heat generating arsenal. He doesn’t even need a script or anything, he just shows up and slips into monster heel mode.

Rhodes: It’s almost as if one of these Bests should be reserved each week should be reserved to talk about the great wrestling. The match of the night had to be Orton vs Cody which had great action throughout. There near falls that were very near and great counters, which the crowd was eating up. Cody put on a great effort, probably because of a pre-match stipulation from HHH that he would be fired if he lost, but he did end up being defeated. So Rhodes is now ‘fired’ probably to take time off for his wedding, which HHH eluded to earlier, but this is WWE so they’ll find a way to get him back soon. Still Cody sold the dejection and misery of being fired extremely well.

JBL Great Quote of the Week: ‘You’re seeing black helicopters! Conspiracies everywhere!’ After Cole complained about Ambrose jumping Dolph before his match with Ryback.

Worldless: As great as the Bryan-Orton feud over the WWE title is going, it firmly reminds us of how much regard the company has for its other world title. When was the last time a WHC match went on after a WWE one on a PPV card? The WWE title angle is the hotter one so Creative is running with it, but it just seems like they’re not putting enough energy into Del Rio as WHC. Some have been clamoring for the two world titles to unified, but that will never happen since the company needs one world champ for each of the two house show touring groups. On a side note, it was 11 years ago this day that the WHC was ‘created’ when it was awarded to HHH. The More You Know.

Third Wheel: It got even more personal last week with Heyman’s Axel-aided assault of Punk. As great as that was, it further shines on a light on the fact that this is a Punk-Heyman and Axel is just the third wheel. When Heyman delivers his gold standard promos, Axel just stands there with an insipid grin on his face. Maybe if we could actually take him seriously then he wouldn’t be as much of an accessory. Punk has already beaten him, so what’s the drama in adding Heyman to the mix? Yeah it’s to give the possibility of Punk getting his hands on Heyman, but the only way Axel wins that match is by nefarious means. So the match outcomes are seemingly limited.

App: The amount of time they hawk this thing is annoying as it is, but what’s even more confounding is the fact that they have Cole actually explain to people the step-by-step download instructions. Really? Haven’t smartphones and app stores have been around for long enough for people to just generally know how to download an app? Does WWE think their audience is stupid? Or are they so concerned with some sort of quota that they have to make sure as many people as possible download it?