bryan-occupy-rawTonight RAW happens to fall on St Patrick’s Day, so that can only mean that either Sheamus will be featured in some way, there will be some holiday relevant skit involving Hornswoggle or perhaps both. However, that will take a backseat to the continuing Yes Movement. What will Bryan do to follow up? Will The Authority blow a gasket like last week? How will HHH deal with The Yes Man? Speaking of authority, what’s going on with Kane and The Shield? Will Heyman and Taker have another verbal confrontation? Who will officially enter themselves into the Andre The Giant Battle Royal? Will Alexander Rusev show off some of his ‘Super Athlete’ moves or just stand on another podium? Most importantly, what news item will the dirtsheets totally botch next?

Mr COO: Say what you will about Triple H, but he is right at home as a heel and his feud with Bryan gives him the perfect opportunity to do just that. He knows exactly why they boo him and uses that against them. What’s more is his character embraces that antagonism to troll the crowd and it’s awesome. If anything will accomplish just that it’s his announcement that ‘when’ he beats Bryan at Mania, he’ll get added to the main event.

Bray Wyatt: Despite being in the Questionable section last week, Wyatt lands here this time for his promo on John Cena. Yes, his promos were what got him there, however he wasn’t really his usual cryptic self tonight. Oh he spoke in the same manner, but his words got straight to the point about why he’s aiming for Cena. Perhaps the best part of the whole thing was that he was wearing Cena’s shirt the entire time.

The Shield: Kane calls out Lawler for supposedly orchestrating the Occupy segment in his hometown last week and gets The Hounds of Justice to exact punishment. Instead, they beat up Kane and deliver a thunderous Triple Powerbomb. This might be a bit premature, but did The Shield just turn face? Or are they just asserting their own will and that they won’t be ordered around by anyone? Either way, the group seems to be more united and things with them just continue to get more and more interesting.

JBL Great Quote of the Night: ‘He extorted the COO! I’m beginning to think Daniel Bryan is the root of all evil!’

WWE App: It’s been said before in this column that the self-promotion of the App can’t get any worse, but time and time again they prove that theory wrong. This time around it’s Cole mentioning how the App won a CableFAX Digital Award, something that a majority of fans had no idea even existed before tonight. Then to top it off, later on there is a demonstration on how to sign up for the WWE Network free trial and how to use it.

St Patrick’s: So the expected usage of the Irish guys in the company occurred when Sheamus, with Hornswoggle in his corner, took on Titus O’Neil. Isn’t it that everytime Swoggle is at ringside he gets grabbed by the heel in the match before the face heroically saves him? You’d think they’d change the formula a bit, but then again not much could’ve helped this segment. At least Christian was on commentary ripping on JBL to make up for it.

The Shield: Yes, they were just talked about being united above. This could mean their ‘impending’ breakup appears to have been put on hold. However, when they eventually do go their separate ways, what will their ring gear look like? Their black attire and most notably the protective vests, have been one of the group’s identifying features. So when they’re all singles competitors, will they wear regular trunks? Pants? Whatever it ends up being, it sure will seem odd after what we’ve seen from them so far. Being in The Shield hasn’t really lent them to having merchandise and we all know you haven’t really made it in WWE until you have your own shirt.