bad-news-rumbleWith the Royal Rumble in the books WWE can now move to starting the road to Wrestlemania. Or can it? The biggest story of the night should be Batista winning the Rumble or Reigns breaking Kane’s elimination record, but all people can seem to talk about it the crowd in Pittsburgh, which sure made its feelings abundantly clear. They booed Orton and Cena as expected, then the Rumble match itself. They rained boos upon The Animal as he celebrated because Bryan did not participate in the match. Maybe WWE has bigger plans for The Yes Man? Oh who are we kidding?? Vince is just doing some Grade A major league trolling of the Universe.

Barrett: When it first debuted, Barrett looked a little awkward in the Bad News gimmick, but each week he seems to be getting more and more comfortable with it. He’s not relying on insulting the current city he’s in for cheap heat, but directing it towards other superstars. His ‘commentary’ on the Miz-Clay match from Smackdown is the most recent example, plus it was very entertaining. Most importantly, the man himself looks like he’s having fun and that’s perhaps the most important part of making the gimmick work.

JBL: This is the place where a great JBL quote shows up, but he was so on fire during the Miz-Ziggler ‘Battle of Cleveland’ match that pitted hometown heroes against each other, that it’s impossible to pick just one, so here are just a few of his even greater quotes:
-‘I heard the Wright Brothers invented the airplane to get out of Ohio!
-‘Does the winner get Cleveland? That’s like getting Newark! Or does the loser get Cleveland?’
-‘Why are they showing off for the crowd? Are they trying to get free Browns tickets? They just need to show up and they’ll give you one!’
Even Cole got in on it with: ‘A tap out ending would be apropo for Cleveland’

The Snake: It’s long overdue, but Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts is on his way into the WWE Hall of Fame. He was one of the most deserving people left to be inducted, so this should be welcomed by the entire Universe. However, if Roberts is going to be inducted, does that mean Damien will as well?

BONUS: The biggest story coming out of the Rumble was not Batista winning it or Bryan not being in it. It was the fact that Kevin Nash survived the few minutes he was in without tearing his quad.

WWE: Earlier today, Rated RobKO posted a great article about the fallout of the Bryan-less Rumble. The gist of it is that the backlash from backstage is all calculated and that the fans are playing right into WWE’s hands. After all the fact that we’ve bought into the #YESmovement so heavily proves that. While it’s certainly a logical premise, I just don’t have enough faith in Creative to book storylines long term. So much of their booking in general seems haphazard at times that it doesn’t inspire confidence that the Bryan snub is part of some grander scheme.

GM: Brad Maddox was introduced as the General Manager of RAW, which most people had probably forgotten about. The position of RAW GM is redundant with The Authority running things since Maddox is portrayed as having little, if any, power. They could easily get rid of the position and it wouldn’t make much of a difference. Then again maybe they need the bumbling authority figure to play other guys off of?

Del Rio: If ADR wrestles a decent match and wins it, does anyone really care or even pay attention? For that matter if he starts an actual feud with Batista does anyone give him a chance at coming out on top?