slammy-awardsIt’s inching towards the end of the year, which can only mean one thing…THE SLAMMYS! If there’s anything WWE is good at, it’s telling you how great they are and this time it comes via an ‘awards’ show. So how will things turn out? Will Cena win Superstar of The Year yet again? How many will The Shield end up with? Which awards will they randomly create this time around? Will there be any memorable presenter-winner interactions? How will they balance the awards part of the show with building for TLC on Sunday?

Roman Reigns: Creative should have him Spearing people out of nowhere every week. More then once if possible. That is all.

Renee Young: She’s really become one of the better parts of RAW or any WWE programming for that matter. She’s very natural as an interviewer with an undeniable charisma and never comes across as awkward or scripted. She reacts realistically to what her interviewee is saying and the audience can buy into it because she responds as they would. Plus, she’s pretty decent doing commentary on NXT. WWE must be on to her potential because it looks they’ve been featuring her alot lately, including having her do in-ring interviews.

Final Sell: The final segment of RAW had to be a huge sell for TLC on Sunday and WWE actually did a pretty good job. Having 20 former World Champions in the ring with Orton and Cena did give the match that little extra mystique and the promo between the two was better then expected. Of course it was going to break down with a chain of moves/finishers, so that came off well. However, it was the last image as RAW went off the air that was the best sell of the segment. During the chaos, Orton knocked out Stephanie and after HHH Pedigreed him that last image was Orton on the ground staring up at Cena standing with The Authority.

JBL Great Quote of The Night: ‘Sin Cara has a comic book? The Thing has a comic book! Does that make him a hero?

Slammys: Instead of writing something new here, I’m just going to paste what I said about them from the RAW Slammy article from last year, because it’s pretty much what I’d say now:

If WWE can do anything well, it’s shameless self-promotion and the Slammys are a prime example of that. They won’t pass up a chance to cloak one of their shows in pomp and pageantry. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they rammed the WWE app down everyone’s throat by reminding people it’s the only way to vote every 4 minutes. It seems like they change award titles every year to keep with trends at the time, like ‘Pipe Bomb of The Year’ from last year because Punk was so popular.

Of course the made up awards this year are Dance Moves of the Year and Beard of the Year. When will they ever use those again? The way they’d have the presenters come out, announce the nominees, cut to a commercial for voting, then come back and announce the winner while the next match’s participants stood in the ring was kind of awkward.

Mark Henry: This is a travesty! A travesty of massive proportions! Massively epic proportions! How can the Universe seriously not award Double Cross of The Year to Henry? Not only was it one of the best promos in years, it was expertly played and totally sucked everyone into believing he was actually being sincere, even the smarkiest of smarks. Then again this is the WWE Universe we’re talking about, so of course they give it to HBK turning on Bryan. It just makes you wonder what horrible choices they’ll make later on. One of them turns out to be picking the Bellas over AJ for Diva of the Year.

CM Punk: While The Best in The World’s mic work has been as great as ever, there’s been a recent trend that is a little worrying. For example last week on RAW, he casually mentioned they were in Oklahoma City. Does CM Punk really have to go the Mick Foley route and get a cheap pop by mentioning whatever city they happen to be in? It’s not as blatant as when they were in Chicago and he did the Blackhawks analogy. Punk has always been this edgy character, so these new found ‘shoutouts’ seem more then a little out of character. It doesn’t really get in the way of what he’s doing, it’s just something that sticks out from time to time.