bryan-champAfter a memorable and shocking Wrestlemania XXX, WWE has to figure out to sort through all the fallout tonight. Will Bryan have a title coronation/celebration where he rubs it in HHH’s face? Will The Game somehow try to rain on The Yes Man’s parade? Will Wyatt continue to haunt Cena? Will Men’s Wearhouse soon introduce a new line of Korporate Kane dress slacks for business people? Is the French announce table the new Spanish announce table? Will Cesaro really carry around that giant trophy everywhere? What will be this year’s post-Mania RAW Big Moment? More importantly, how will they deal with The End of The Streak?


The Conqueror: It was a sure bet that the celebratory promo over breaking The Streak would contain plenty of gloating, but oh man was Heyman ever on his game. Of course he’s always like that, but he was in another league tonight. He knew exactly what to say and what buttons to press to make the crowd’s blood boil. Everything from his hand gestures to the way his cheek muscles quivered when he said ‘Brock Lesnar’ added that much more to the whole awesome segment.

Post Mania: Last year’s crowd was incredibly raucous, so will the people this year be able to measure up? They certainly were loud, chanting for the stars, for the heels, for JBL among others and of course were deafening for Bryan. Also there’s usually some huge surprise/moment/shocker, so what will it be this year? Was it RVD coming back? Bad News Barrett finally getting a match? Ultimate Warrior back on RAW? Actually it just might have to go to Cesaro dumping Zeb for Paul Heyman and finally turning face. Check that, The Shield turning on HHH and standing tall in the ring at the end with Bryan was an awesome moment.

Paige: Finally! After running through all the women of NXT, Paige finally made her main roster debut. She’s already proven to be better in the ring then pretty much every other Diva on the roster and although her debut match was short it was certainly memorable. That’s because after AJ berated her, challenged her to a match, put the Divas title on the line, only for Paige to score an upset victory to end the longest Divas reign in history.

JBL Great Quote of the Night: ‘I was wrong. Fairly tales do come true. We now have a farm animal as WWE Champion!’

Predictions: This isn’t RAW-related, but it’s too absurd to ignore. In the aftermath of last night’s event, articles have already started to pop up on the interwebs about predicting the card for next year’s Mania. Seriously? These people do know how futile that is, right? Things change so much over the course of a year, not to mention in the weeks/days leading up to any PPV at all, that predicting anything for XXXI is laughable. It’s like trusting that what dirt sheets publish is actually true.

Sore Losers: One of the constants in the buildup to the WWE title match was both Orton and Batista complaining about they were promised or wanted just a one-on-one match and how making it a Triple Threat was unfair. It continued tonight after HHH gave himself a title shot over them. If you’re trying to build serious contenders or champions, then having them whine almost every week really doesn’t help their case.