fandango-saying-his-nameThe WWE Machine continues to roll on and with Extreme Rules coming up this Sunday, questions abound as usual. Will more matches be added? Will the Tag Title match between Hell No and The Shield finally be made official? Whose office will Brock destroy this week? What is Ziggler’s status for Sunday? Will Jericho prove he is a better dancer then Fandango? Does anyone really care about the Henry-Sheamus and Orton-Show matches? Will Orton ever turn heel? Most importantly of all, did everyone call their mommas yesterday?

Jericho: It’s been said here before about how unselfish Jericho is as a performer and his willingness to put over younger stars at the expense of possible main event runs for himself with Fandango being the latest example. Do you really think the former Johnny Curtis would have gotten this over so quickly without Jericho’s help? It’s possible but unlikely. What other veteran on the roster would’ve been willing to lose a Mania match to a guy whose gimmick revolved around dancing and getting everyone to say his name correctly? Was the Dance Off between the two tonight the best use of Jericho’s talents? Not really, but then again the contest never took place as Summer Rae faking an injury was a ploy for Fandango to ambush Y2J. That was certainly the more entertaining option.

The Shield: Dean Ambrose gets to face Kofi for the US Title at Extreme Rules? Yes please! Ambrose pinned Kofi last week in a tag match, so he earned the shot, so it’s not being given to him because of the dominance of The Shield. This means it will be Rollins and Reigns going for the Tag Titles and all 3 guys capturing championship gold in the same night would push the group to another level. It’s not like they can get any hotter then they are right now, but they’ve more or less run out of top stars to take out. Ambrose has arguably the most potential of the three, so him getting the singles shot makes sense. Plus, we all know he’s going to win since Kofi is only a transitional champion anyways.

Divas: Hey look! It’s Natalya in a match! Combine that with an actual, coherent storyline in Kaitlyn’s secret admirer and the division is on the up! Who cares that Cole, Lawler and JBL almost completely ignored the action in the ring, Kaitlyn and The Bellas tried to insult each other on commentary and the cameras focused on Kaitlyn as she got another ‘secret’ gift? The Divas are back!

Ziggler: It appears that the Universe (not the WWE one) has it out for Dolph Ziggler. The guy has worked incredibly hard to get to the top, proving every week why he’s main event material and generally biding his time. Then fate/circumstance/randomness/etc intervene and he suffers a concussion. Given the recent emphasis on such injuries in sports, this is understandably a big deal. Even more so since he is set to defend the WHC in a Triple Threat Ladder match this Sunday at Extreme Rules. So what does WWE do? Having him vacate the title would be a major blow to his momentum, so thankfully that didn’t turn out to be the case. Having Del Rio and Swagger face off in a #1 Contender I Quit Match isn’t the worst option, but the feud between those two has lost its steam. The better option would have to have Big E Langston defend the title in Dolph’s place. It’s not unprecedented as Kelly Kelly essentially defended the WHC in a tag match with Edge in early 2011 against none other then Ziggler himself.

Cesaro: So do you think someone in Creative suddenly said one day ‘hey since Antonio Cesaro is Swiss we should have him yodel while he walks to the ring, right?’ Is the new yodeling gimmick really the best use of his talent? Whatever happened to the ‘like American but hate Americans’ thing he had going? It was actually pretty decent and not the typical anti-American heel schtick. His match with Randall last week on Main Event showed how good he can be when given a longer time in the ring. Then again Main Event is on Ion Televsion, a network no one had even heard of before the show’s start.

‘Main Event’: So HHH and Lesnar’s ‘confrontation’ is the main event? They sure hyped it like it was just that throughout the show, but they had an excellent 6 Man Elimination Tag match between The Shield and Cena-Bryan-Kane. Could it be that since both World Title matches have their issues Creative chose to focus on the Cage match and give it the biggest spotlight on the go home RAW? H tries his best to sell the brutality of the match, but it’s not like we’re going to see blood or ripped flesh or whatever ‘extreme’ word they come up with to sell it. If this is supposed to be the final chapter in such an ‘epic’ feud then why is not taking place at Mania or one of the other Big Four PPVs? Extreme Rules is just one of the gimmick PPVs on the calendar.