punk-lesnarAfter what was one of the better RAWs in recent memory, how do they follow it up? Will we get Ziggler’s first ever face promo? How will Henry best his absurdly great promo from last week? Will Cena whine about the attack? What will Punk have to say after getting attacked by The Beast? Who will The Shield target next? Will we get any info on who will be in the MITB matches? Will Bryan and Orton finally settle their differences? Can Bryan get any hotter then he is right now???

Trilogy: There are many great trilogies in the world. The original Star Wars one. The Godfather films. The Lord of The Rings. You can add Bryan-Orton to that list since match 3 of the past week is the show opening match, or it would have been if both guys hadn’t just kept wailing on each other to the point of the ref calling off the match. Luckily the rematch was the main event and was a fan voted Street Fight. Another excellent match from these two ends with Bryan making Orton tap out to the No Lock with the assistance of a Kendo stick. Perhaps now he won’t go on about how he’s the weak link. Post match, Orton just shakes his hand and doesn’t fulfill the long awaited heel turn, but I suppose they wanted the show to go off the air with Bryan standing tall.

Mark Henry: Delivered the Promo of The Year so far last week, then trolled the crowd this week. What made the former that much more shocking was that it fooled even the smarks who were expecting the swerve. Given the rumors floating around before RAW that Henry would retire, they all didn’t buy the beginning of his ‘retirement speech’. However he absolutely suckered them in with his performance. Thus the World’s Strongest Slam shall henceforth be known in this column as the World’s Strongest Swerve!

Punk: Lesnar coming out and F5ing Punk at the end of the show last week made everyone in the IWC piss their pants in excitement. Punk is the gold standard for someone being over in the WWE as well as the gold standard for promos. He certainly delivered when he confronted Heyman in the ring and it was awesome. There are too many things about it to mention so just go and watch it for yourself.

Giant Pennies: When Rollins and Reigns won the Tag titles, it appeared as if the tag division was looking up. However with the breakup of Hell No, they’ve lost their only viable competition in the face department. Who else is left? The Usos? Perhaps, but they need some more buildup before they can be viewed as real threats to The Shield even though they get a shot after winning a Triple Threat #1 Contenders match tonight. Sheamus and Christian teamed up to take on Rhodes Scholars tonight, with Lawler mentioning they could be a very popular tag team. That could be a decent idea, but it’s just another short term fix and does nothing to address the long term health of the division.

Former Champs: There’s been a trend going on for some time of the announcers commenting on how a given wrestler is such and such a former champion, but do it in a kind of disingenuous way. An example of it would be during the tag match mentioned above where Cody is ‘a former Intercontinental Champion’ and Christian is ‘a former two time World champion’. They were kind of thrown in there as if they don’t actually mean something and are only really said in this way so to keep a non-starring wrestler somewhat relevant as a threat to win a match.

Covered: Really? The Rock is on the cover of the WWE 2K14 video game? Did they decide that none of the actual full time wrestlers were good enough? Even Cena would have been a better choice as much as it would rankle his haters. There’s a fan contest to design an ‘alternate’ cover, but it’ll just be an insert on the inside cover. It probably would’ve been too much to allow the winning entry to be the actual front cover of the game.