rock-via-satelilitePerhaps the biggest question heading into RAW is whether The Rock will actually show off as opposed to last week when he was nowhere to be seen. Will he appear via satellite? Will he defend the title via satellite now? Will CM Punk call him out for not being there next week? How many times will there be a bit about the media coverage Rock got after winning the Title? Who will Mark Henry induct into The Hall Of Pain this week? What would a physical Hall Of Pain even look like? How will The Shield respond to getting upstaged by the Super Friends? Will it remain a normal 6 man tag or they put in the Elimination Chamber?

Heyman Guys: Most of the WWE Universe certainly aren’t Paul Heyman guys if the man’s opening promo is any indication. Despite yet another great performance from the mastermind of ECW, the Universe just doesn’t know a great thing when it sees one. They’ve been conditioned so much to accept Cena’s toilet humor jokes and rah-rah speeches that when a true genius who showcases great emotion and top notch acting skills they boo him, like they did Heyman. That’s just the way things are and while his faux resignation didn’t come off so well, it certainly is in keeping with his slimy, manipulative character. Whether he continues to manage Punk, Lesnar or both, there is definitely a place for him in WWE.

The Shield: They’re also in the Worst section, but that deals with their upcoming EC match and this deals with what should happen afterwards. Creative has to know they have an impactful commodity in The Shield, so how do these guys take the next step? Become the Tag Team Champions of course. BK (Bryan and Kane) are headed for what will probably be a hilarious breakup, so new champs will be needed. There could a buildup to a Mania match between the two teams where The Shield exploits the growing tension between the two. This would culminate in Ambrose and Rollins beating the champs with Reigns ringside. Kane and Bryan would go on to feud with each other and The Shield would get their first gold in WWE. They could even defend them under The Freebird rule, which hasn’t been done since The Spirit Squad.

Big Show: Show gave a great promo, but the catch was that he didn’t say a thing. He was distraught and angry over getting paint dumped on by Del Rio on Smackdown. Having him come out and be so emotional he couldn’t get a word out did far more then ranting about ADR’s antics ever could. The key was how well he emoted facially, as you could see his agitation and anger. This kind of promo is very rare in today’s WWE and it’s a refreshing change of pace.

The Shield: Facing Cena-Sheamus-Ryback at EC, there is great potential for disaster. Their only official match was at TLC, but their MO is to run in, cause havoc and leave. Which was sort of what The Nexus did, but then they lost to a Cena-led team at Summerslam and it pretty much went downhill from there. Cena will likely get the clean pin to look strong headed into his Mania match, but a better option would be to have his team win by DQ after The Shield employs nefarious means if Creative wants to keep the group from getting buried. Then again Vince will throw anyone under the bus if it makes Cena look good. However, this could be just a bump in the road if their post-EC story follows what I’ve outlined above.

Great Khali: Why is he even still employed in this company? His matches, if they can really be called that, are incredibly uncomfortable to watch. Half the time it looks like his body will just topple over when he gets hit, the other half he moves around so gingerly in the ring you figure he’s trying not to step on precious dinnerware. Even the way he walks down to the ring makes you cringe. Getting squashed by Henry tonight was another example of all that. He can’t even be used as an enhancement talent and the comedic way he’s being used now isn’t funny at all. Being paired with him isn’t doing Natalya any favors either. It’s hard to believe he was once a major player and a former World Heavyweight Champion.

Tensai: His return to WWE certainly has been a flop and he’s been wallowing low card purgatory, so you figured Creative was going to try something to make him relevant. Pairing him with Brodus Clay in a tag team wasn’t an idea at the top of many lists. Seeing him go from being a heel that was intimidating to dancing is incredibly jarring. At least they’re trying with his character, but is this the only thing they came up with? Seeing him dance isn’t nearly as cringe-worthy as what he came out in on RAW Roulette. Brodus returning as the Funkasaurus was unexpected and it caught on, so who knows what can happen with Dancin’ Tensai.