punk-heyman-promoIn typical WWE fashion it’s only a few weeks until the next PPV and only a handful of matches have been added to the Summerslam card. At least they’re not adding matches during the actual broadcast like they have in the past. Will any of the teased matches over the last few weeks be made official? How will Bryan look after his ‘corporate makeover? Will he wear a suit? Shave his beard? Will The Brock Ness Monster show up and not just have Heyman speak for him? Will Kane follow the buzzards? Will Big Show actually make an appearance? Does Dolph have to change his Twitter to @FACEZiggler? How many times will Total Divas be mentioned during the show? Also, will The Shield actually cut a promo this week?

Makeover: The ‘corporate makeover’ of Bryan had the potential to be either very entertaining or incredibly overdone. Luckily it was the former. Yeah the makeover highlight package was tacky, but the show opening promo was excellent. Bryan started it off great and it got even better when Vince joined in. They’re making a very stark contrast between Cena as the ideal ‘corporate’ guy and Bryan as the farthest thing from it. A simple premise, that they’re executing it very well. Cena tried to ruin the whole party with an ‘edgy’ rebuttal later on, but it fell flat. In the end even Cena trying to hog back the spotlight can’t stop Bryan’s momentum.

One More Match: We finally get to see Christian have One More Match! Ever since coming back Captain Charisma has been on quite a roll, highlighted by beating Del Rio clean on RAW last week then becoming #1 Contender to the WHC on Smackdown. Not only has he been winning, but putting in quality matches as well. With this momentum, it’s very possible that he could beat Del Rio for the WHC at Summerslam and having a solid reign will go a long way towards making for his previous less then stellar ones. Of course it’s also possible that Sandow could cash in immediately after Christian wins or Del Rio could cheat to win. Have faith Peeps!

Heyman Guys: While Heyman is trying to build up Curtis Axel, he’s also right in the middle of The Best vs The Beast. The deck would seem to be stacked against Punk going up against the much larger Lesnar with Heyman to potentially distract him. Within storyline, it makes sense to show that he can be just as physical as Brock and he did just that after The Beast interrupted his match with Axel. However, Lesnar ultimately taking control and standing tall in the end keeps him strong and makes Punk’s drive for revenge that much more meaningful.

Axel: What’s the deal with the former McGillicutty? He was revealed as the newest ‘Paul Heyman Guy’ and had some significant buzz, capitalized on it by winning the Intercontinental Title, but now is not doing much of anything. He’s still struggling to get over with the crowd and hasn’t really developed much of a personality beyond his association with Heyman. On top of that he has no clear challengers for the title ahead of Summerslam. What about Miz or Barrett? Or even Sheamus??? It’s looking like this is another half-hearted attempt to make the IC Title actually mean something. It’s like Creative had grand ideas in the beginning for Axel, but then got distracted by bigger storylines.

The Shield: What was feared when these guys debuted has finally happened. There were incredibly dominant and were sustaining that momentum for months, but they’ve hit that proverbial wall. Whereas before they couldn’t be beaten, now they seem mortal. Whereas before they were cutting their signature promos, now they haven’t in weeks. Whereas before they were in interesting storylines, now they’re in some confusing angle with Mark Henry and the Usos that has no clear direction. Will Rollins and Reigns defend the Tag Titles against Jimmy and Jey again? Will Henry get a shot to take the US Title from Ambrose? For that matter there have been two instances where Vince has been in the ring when The Shield’s music hit, only for it to serve as a transition to another segment. Even just a stare down between McMahon and The Shield would be a good.

Barrett: Speaking of groups that come out and beat people down, remember when Wade Barrett was the leader of The Nexus? He’s probably thinking fondly of those days right now because he has absolutely no direction whatsoever. His two reigns as IC champ were horrible since he was getting beaten in every non-title match and had no substantive feuds. Then when Vince needs a barber to shave off Bryan’s beard during the opening promo, Barrett is randomly the one who walks out? How does that make sense? First he comes out to almost no reaction, then Bryan turns it around and shaves off part of his beard? Does Creative feel a need to further bury him or did they randomly pick a name to play the role of the barber? Since he has half a beard now, will this mean a character change?