mania29-logo-metlifeThis is it. Only 6 days until Wrestlemania and WWE has a tall order for the go home RAW in our nation’s capital. How will Cena and Rock follow up on their explosive Panel confrontation from last week? What will Punk do with The Urn this time? Will he or Taker bring up their WHC fued from the Fall of 2009? Will Lesnar say anything to HHH or will he just stand there and bounce around like usual? Will Jericho learn to pronounce Fandango’s name? Will Team Friendship be able to keep it together long enough to take out The Shield? Will the crowd care at all about the undercard? Since it’s April Fool’s will Creative work into the show? As a comedy segment or something more?

People Power!: This is a RAW article, but I feel compelled to mention something from last Friday’s Smackdown. That something is the shocking and unexpected return of Mr Excitement John Laurinaitis! Interrupting The Rock is sure to get major heat which is what Funkman does best. There were alot of people who didn’t like Johnny when he was a GM, but he played his heel authority figure role perfectly. People were supposed to hate him and what he did, so he succeeded in that respect. His offer to be in Rock’s corner at Mania to combine People Power with the People’s Champ and likening the two of them Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as two great tastes that taste great together were hilarious and an indication of what we’ve been missing.

Cena: After the aggression and fire in his voice during his promo with Rock last week, many people are saying it could be the start of the long anticipated Cena heel turn. It definitely looks like it could happen and what better place then Mania? It certainly be a shocking way to end the show….bwhahahahaha it’s April fools and if anyone thinks Vince is going to willingly let his biggest cash cow go then they obviously don’t pay that much attention to the product. Silly marks.

Greatness: The Undertaker has the coolest and most awe-inspiring entrance in the history of professional wrestling. Everything about it, from the opening gong, to the fog, organ music and his slow walk to the ring makes you immediately pay attention. Speaking of attention, a couple of druids coming out to the ramp sure gets ours. CM Punk dressing up as one and getting the jump on Taker is reminiscent of when he dressed as a mariachi player to ambush Chavo Guerrero. If that wasn’t enough, Punk opens The Urn and dumps what we’re supposed to assume are ashes onto a beaten Undertaker. That will certainly sell their match at Mania.


Redemption?: What would kicking off a RAW be without a Cena promo? Is it not possible for him to talk trash and be serious without sounding goofy? When he’s ranting about how he’s better then The Rock and so on, it doesn’t have that gravitas that you’d think it would. He just wasn’t very believable in the promo and the crowd even started a ‘Boring’ chant at one point. Contrast that with Rock’s promo later in the show where The Great One was supremely confident. It showed in what he said and how he said it as well as his body language. Given where the show was he told a story about the possibility of Rock becoming President Rock as the reason to say his Finally line. That ability to tell such stories is one advantage Rock has over Cena in the mic work department.

Team Friendship: How awkward is the team of Sheamus, Orton and Show? They’re playing the group-who-try-to-put-away-their-egos well, but it still makes them seem out-of-character. It starts with the monster heel Big Show showing face tendencies and got even worse with Orton trying to be the voice of reason and keep the other two apart. Last Friday’s Smackdown saw both Orton and Show cheering on Sheamus as he set up for a Brogue Kick, then they’re fist bumping tonight on RAW. Show could actually play that role if he was the face he was at this time last year, but Randall just doesn’t have that kind of personality in the ring. I mean the guy supposedly hears voices in his head.

Too Little: Though there was a treat early in the show when we got to hear from ‘Slightly Off’ Dean Ambrose. However, it was only a few lines, robbing us of one of the best emerging mic workers in the business. Still it was good as usual and we can only hope we’ll hear more from him in the future. Perhaps after The Shield wins at Mania?