1. The  R2D2 mug – No reason really needed. Which you can find on Amazon by Clicking This Link


2. Micro Sonic Grenade – You tired of your friends cracking jokes on you. Don’t get upset. Toss one of these in the room and run. Click Here.


3. Tauntaun Sleeping Bag – The scene from the movie is enough to explain why this is on here. Click Here.


4. Beware The Weeping Angels Shirt – This made the list because of my friend, Alex Greeno. Get this for Allie and be happy. Everyone else picture your girlfriend half naked, just wearing the shirt. Thank me later. Click Here.


5. Disappearing Tardis Mug – Another one for my Dr. Who fans. Click Here.



And these are just another handful of things you can get your geek to put a smile on their face. Or use to bribe them to keep you from getting hacked and things of that nature. Well that is the cut off point for me and the beer in the fridge some to be yelling a little louder then before. Enjoy and have fun. And until next time…

See Ya Later, Space Cowboy...