Based on the way they’ve been playing thus far, the four teams who
have the best chance of winning the Super Bowl are the Indianapolis
Colts, the Minnesota Vikings, the New Orleans Saints and either the
Pittsburgh Steelers or the Baltimore Ravens – whichever of those two
AFC North teams gets some homefield playoff games.

It’s hard not to like the Minnesota Vikings right now, as they just
appear to be the most complete team in the NFL with their running
game, passing game, special teams, pass rush and secondary.  Every
other team in the league seems to have a weakspot, but the Vikings?
Tough to tell.

The Colts have to be considered amongst the favorites, but at times
it’s hard to tell how good they are.  If they can win when they visit
Baltimore, they have to be considered the favorite to win the AFC by

The Saints are another team who many people like, but could they beat
the Vikings?  Tough to tell.

If Troy Polomalu is back, he gives the Steelers a great chance.
Baltimore is good, but their cornerbacks have been shaky.  Ben
Roethlisberger makes up for Pittsburgh’s running game, which has been
questionable at times, but Willie Parker may contribute later in the

The Denver Broncos, who were undefeated until the first of November,
should be good enough to win the AFC West, but it’s questionable
whether they can score when the chips are down, as is evident by their
week 8 loss to the Ravens.

The NFC East has three teams vying for the playoffs, and although each
of them is capable of beating the Vikings or the Saints, neither the
Giants, Cowboys or Eagles are as much of a complete team as New
Orleans or Minnesota.  The Saints have already beaten the Eagles and
the Giants once already, scoring 48 points in both outings, more than
doubling the Eagles’ effort of 22 points.  The Giants were only able
to do a little better with 27.

The New England Patriots are probably still the favorites to win the
AFC East, but their defense is thin and Tom Brady looks shaky this
year.  A lot of their recent off-season moves looked very
uncharacteristic from what you expect out of the Patriots, especially
getting rid of guys like Vrabel and Seymour.

The NFC West is going to most likely be won by either the 49’ers or
the Cards, whichever team can squeak it out.  Neither of them will
likely make it to the Super Bowl this year, however.