Questions stemming From The 7/8 edition of Impact

This week’s Impact was TNA’s last show prior to their Victory Road event.  Rumor has it that they’re going to have 9 matches on the card, so how’d they do trying to bring those feuds / storylines to fruition to the extent that viewers will want to order the pay per view?  Let’s find out.

Think of this article as part feedback, part humor.


If people behind the scenes in TNA have been wondering all week if he meant to hit Jeff Hardy with the chair on last week’s episode, couldn’t they just ask Ken Anderson?  They probably see him around the halls, or at least have his email address or something like that.

Jeff Hardy, an artist at heart, who apparently loves things that glow in the dark, when he shows up to the opening segment on Impact, his choice of outfits includes… a whtie tshirt?

How does Taz NOT understand what Ken Anderson was talking about?  He says he’s bringing a chair to the match, and he tells Jeff that if the chair gets used on him, Jeff can understand

Why does AJ Styles seem frustrated that he has to “prove himself” wrestling Kazarian?  It was AJ Styles who issued the challenge to Kazarian last week.  It was HIS IDEA.  Not Flair’s.

If AJ’s just going to rip the Flair-robe right off the moment he steps out onto the walkway, why put it on at all?  It’s Florida in the SUMMER in a building filled with people.  Phenomenal wrestler?  Yes.  Mental giant?  Not exactly.

If Flair wanted a “bird’s eye view” of the match, as Taz claims, why wouldn’t he go up into the rafters?  Sting seems to like it up there.

How much better does Samoa Joe fit into the concept of what a Four Horseman is all about than AJ Styles?  AJ is about high energy, flying around, impressing the fans.  Joe is about kicking ass regardless of who’s on the receiving end.

Does Taz really not know Kazarian well enough to know when he’s setting up for his top-rope, backflip urinage?  It’s only one of the most innovative moves in wrestling, and it’s easily recognizable when Kazarian goes for the setup to it.

If Ric Flair already had a tag match setup for AJ Styles & Kazarian at Victory Road prior to coming to ringside, does that mean he didn’t care about the outcome?  Was he hoping that a one-on-one match would bring them closer to being able to work together?

Why, oh why, can’t Angelina Love have more mirrors in her locker room?  Like, maybe, cover the walls with them?

I understand that Daffney’s got a different look and style about her, and I’d agree she’s one of the hottest women in the business (as I explain in an article over at, but what are the qualities that you’d associate someone with saying they’re hot like a zombie?  Odd complexion?  Open wounds?  Missing limbs?  Extreme limp?  Would she have to prefer brains to the typical restaurant menu?

If Madison Rayne had the “balls” to be at the Impact Zone, wouldn’t that disqualify her from being in the division all together?

Mike Tenay loses serious points for agreeing with Madison Rayne that Angelina Love could put her “funbags” on the line against Madison Rayne’s championship.

If Angelina Love had already qualified to be the number one contender for the Knockouts Championship, why should she have to risk anything to fight Rayne?  A couple months ago Awesome Kong & Hamada had to forfeit the Knockouts Tag Titles because they didn’t defend them within a 30 day span… so shouldn’t Madison Rayne just be happy that she’s got someone against whom to defend the belt?

Is this Brother Ray / Jesse Neal recap package one of the better ones you’ve seen the past few months?  I got the whole history of the feud in like 90 seconds.

How did Brother Ray know that Brother Devon was going to call him out for how he’s treated Jesse before the segment even started?  He must have seen something backstage to warrant him getting Bischoff to sign the triple-threat match between the three of them before walking to the ring.

If the TNA front office smelled ratings in the Rob Van Dam vs Samoa Joe match, why didn’t we hear about this match prior to 20 minutes into this show?  I probably would’ve told people to watch, had I known it was going to be booked.  It’s definitely a Dream Match, especially for anyone who is a fan of indy wrestling.

When Joe threw RVD off the top rope into the entrance walkway, was that possibly payback for a stiff kick that caught Joe in the face a couple minutes earlier?

(matching dental bills)

Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Steve Richards and Raven show up 54 minutes into the show… I guess they had an easier time finding parking this week?

Another good match on Impact, could this be a trend?

If Jeremy Buck could flip up over the top of the ladder to powerbomb Douglas Williams off the other side, why didn’t he just take down the “X” when he got to the top?

Is it an upset victory for a high flyer to win a ladder match against a guy who’s afraid of heights?

With all the Non-stop Action by the Motor City Machine Guns, how is it that they’ve never been TNA Tag Team Champions?  How unlikely is it that Sabin & Shelley are going to win the belts at Victory Road, given Beer Money’s involvement with Ric Flair, as they are very likely members of FOURtune?

Is it really surprising that one member of a three-man team hasn’t been into a six-man tag match when you’re only two minutes into the match?  Especially when all the other five guys have been involved, doesn’t leave a lot of opportunity for that last tag to get made.

If Matt Morgan left the ring to avoid getting into it with Hernandez, why come back to instigate him into following him?

Why would The Pope trust Ken Anderson?  The Pope made it clear last week that he eventually wants to get revenge on Anderson for putting him out of action a couple months ago.

Commercial question:  Do women really get SOOO worried about insuring their car that they forget the basics of using a computer mouse?  Point & click, point & click, point & click…  How about remembering to insure your car when you buy it?  Don’t you want to protect your investment?

Nash is questioning whether he has to kiss Bischoff’s ass to keep his job in TNA… but he doesn’t seem to have any problems kissing Hogan’s ass by wearing Hulk’s signature tshirt.  Is there a bigger way to kiss someone’s ass than to wear their name across your chest?

With Ric Flair’s history with women, shouldn’t Jay Lethal be HAPPY that Ri Flair doesn’t care about his mother?  He should be glad that Flair isn’t trying to get her to ride Space Mountain.

Jay Lethal does a damn good impression of Ric Flair, so why does Ric Flair feel the need to try to re-introduce himself to Lethal?

How great was Ric Flair’s line about making his ex-wife so crazy with his “all night long” style that she wanders around the bedroom wondering where he is?

How many nights do you think Flair’s ex-wife wondered where Ric was sleeping while they were actually married?

With Ric Flair saying that Jay Lethal is going to come face to face with “(his) God” at Victory Road, and Jay’s brother being named “Mohammed”, is there some sort of background poke in there somewhere about Lethal being Muslim (which I don’t know to be the case)?

If Jay Lethal wants to rip Ric Flair’s heart out, why does he just stand there looking at Ric Flair when they’re face to face, inches away from each other?

Again Jeff Hardy,an artist who had made a reputation for having his hair dyed all the different colors of the rainbow (sometimes all at once), he wrestles… in black pants and a black shirt?  His sleeves are so dark purple that half the time you can’t tell what color they are.

Having just finished wrestling a match, Jeff Hardy and Ken Anderson hear Abyss’ music, they see him coming to ringside, they know he’s carrying the crazy spike-filled weapon, and yet… they stay in the ring?

Rob Van Dam wants to get involved against Abyss, who has a weapon at the ready, and he comes to the ring from backstage… and he doesn’t bring a weapon?  The same Rob Van Dam who made a career out of doing innovative things with chairs?

(At least we eventually get a Van Daminator before the night is over)

I didn’t catch it… is this a Fatal Fourway, i.e. First Pinfall / Submission wins?

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If this article gets 8 people commenting on it before Sunday Night’s pay per view, I’ll give one of those individuals a free tshirt.