The first RAW in August, getting every closer to SummerSlam, and the big question at hand concerns whether or not Cena’s SummerSlam 7-man team can keep from imploding.  Will any of the team members be replaced?  Will Nexus devour another set of “superstars”?  And what about the rest of the show, will The Miz try and fail to cash in the Money In The Bank yet again?

Let’s find out.

Consider this part feedbac, part opinion, part humor, and use the word SATIRE if you’d like.

The Miz is set to take on Randy Orton tonight.  If The Miz can’t get a victory over someone who is already beaten down (like his failed Money In The Bank cash-in opportunities the past two weeks), how does he expect to beat Randy Orton in a fair contest, when Randy Orton has been dominating the competition the past few weeks (if not MONTHS)?

So Edge doesn’t intend to be a team player on the 7-man SummerSlam Team?  Wow, should we be surprised?

The only surprise should be that Edge joined the team in the first place.

Couldn’t Edge put together his own team?  Christian, Ted DiBiase, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Vance Archer and Shad Gaspard.  He’s got history with almost all of them, so why not try to get them all involved?  Oh, right, because they’re almost all on Smackdown, and apparently Smackdown is unaffected by Nexus, despite the fact that some of the Pros from NXT Season 1 were from Smackdown.

Edge vs Wade Barrett sounds like a great match.  I hope it actually happens tonight like Edge seemed to want.

How much more credible does R-Truth seem just by being in the ring with Edge in this opening segment?

Why would Chris Jericho be the one who would know Wade Barrett best?  Jericho hasn’t been on good terms with Barrett for a couple months, whereas the Nexus guys work together all the time.  Wouldn’t someone like Skip Sheffield know Barrett better?  Or even someone who has competed against Wade Barrett like Mark Henry?

It’s nice to see that Edge, billed as “The Ultimate Opportunist” realized that Nexus was rushing the ring and escaped unscathed.  He loses credibility if he fails to do that.

How is it that John Cena needed WWE production crew to help him find a guy wearing a bright orange shirt standing in the middle of the corridor?

Is there any chance that Edge isn’t actually going to be on the SummerSlam 7 Man Team?

If he’s gone, Who would be next in line to take his spot?  Would it be ironic if Ted DiBiase joined the squad, given that Edge is the one who wanted him there in the first place?

How many members of the WWE Universe just gained a lot of respect for Bret Hart because they were seeing the 1991 SummerSlam match for the first time?

Why is it that, out of anyone on the non-Nexus 7-man team, Nexus would respect The Great Khali?  Is it because he’s just as close as any of them to joining The Future Endeavored Club?

Had anyone else heard Jillian be referred to as The Songbird prior to this week’s RAW?  Any chance it’ll stick as a nickname?

Did anyone else notice that when Natalya Neidhart used her double underhook suplex bridging into a pinfall, Alicia Fox’s shoulders were up off the mat the entire pinfall attempt?  Somebody needs to work on the execution of that.

How great was Gail Kim’s “bump” when she got thrown into the corner ringpost?

How cool is that Matrix bend-back by Melina to avoid clotheslines?

How happy is John Morrison that he and Melina are finally touring together again, and that Batista is gone?

I thought I noticed this earlier in the show… is there someone in the lower part of the arena. stage left, who has been at the past couple WWE RAW events?  I keep seeing the same scoreboard-style sign.

Has Goldust won a match since he fought Sheamus back in ECW a year ago?  (The match they showed between the two wasn’t nearly the only time they fought)

Is anyone else surprised that they actually cared enough to bring up the fact that Goldust and Sheamus had fought back in the oft-ignored ECW?

Did Goldust get more than 2 offensive moves in this match, or did we just witness an opportunity for Sheamus to practice his moveset?

Sheamus brags about ending Triple H’s career and claims he’s going to do the same to Randy Orton.  What sort of accolades would Sheamus deserve if he can kill the career of the Legend Killer?

What are the odds that Cena vs Jericho ends in a no contest so neither of them loses and neither of them has to leave the SummerSlam team?

They’ve mentioned Bret Hart a few times tonight, does that make it a lock that we’ll see him next week to hear his thoughts about the decaying SummerSlam team he’s on?

Did anyone think that John Cena would actually be taken off of the team at SummerSlam?  He’s not injured and he’s not filming a movie, so you can’t keep him off one of the biggest pay per views of the year.

Did anyone really think that Chris Jericho was going to walk back to the ring and agree to play nice and be on the team, just because John Cena said he wanted him there?

Does anyone else think it’s super weird to see Chris Jericho and Edge not only make-up, but hug?

What is it about Chris Jericho & Edge vs John Cena & Bret Hart that makes the RAW GM think that there’s such a flight risk with any of those guys that there’s the need for lumberjacks?

This John Cena movie actually looks fairly decent.  How weird is it that John Cena’s biggest chance to show his acting chops is going to be in trying to convince people that he’s capable of teaching someone how to wrestle?

Would RAW seem complete without a Maryse appearance?  Certainly makes me appreciate Ted DiBiase that much more.

What should Ted DiBiase be more worried about Nexus doing – attacking him, taking the Million Dollar Belt, or taking Maryse?

Did anyone else have a hard time staying awake during the main event?  I kept drifting off, and having talked to some of my friends about it, they weren’t too excited about it either.

Was RAW less interesting this week than previous shows?  Aside from Chris Jericho and Edge leaving the SummerSlam 7 team, I can’t remember much of anything else that happened.

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