Even from the first preview trailers I saw for “Youth In Revolt”, I knew I was going to enjoy it.  Michael Cera playing not only the regular semi-dorky / semi-awkward character he plays so well, but also playing the role of a rule-breaking, rebel with a cause split personality who’s trying to help himself win the affections of a girl with whom he shouldn’t actually have a chance with?  What’s not to like.

No disappointments here.

Mark it down – I’ll see whatever movies Michael Cera is in.  I probably don’t even need to see the previews first.

Portia Doubleday was decent in the first role I’ve ever seen her in – not surprising since this was only her third role. At this point I’m not going to actively seek out her future work, but I’m sure I’ll stumble upon it, as she did well enough in this film, and she’s attractive enough to get some significant looks in the supporting actress position.

Zach Galifianakis was funny, but his role was small, so don’t factor him into your decision to see it.

Ray Liotta was good, but his role was small and he played on type.

Justin Long showed a little more range with his small supporting role.  It’s always nice to see him involved.

Jean Smart did well in her role as a bad mother.  Nothing special, but decent.

Steve Buschemi was Steve Buschemi, and his role was just as short as that of Liotta and Galifianakis.

One of the supporting cast who is a name you should do your best to remember is Adhir Kalyan.  You might know him from his recent work as “Timmy”, the assistant to David Spade’s character on Rules Of Engagement, or his excellent work on Aliens In America.  He has a significantly sized supporting role in this movie, and he’s easily becoming an actor whose career I’m following.

Since I’m falling a little behind in my write-ups, I’ll cut it short here with my recommendation:  Unless you’re under the age of 15 or opposed to coming-of-age comedies featuring a bit of law breaking, this movie shouldn’t be a disappointment to you.  Don’t expect too too much out of it, but it did make for an entertained evening.

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