I had very low expectations for this movie when I originally heard about it, and when some of my friends started hyping it up, I did start to get higher hopes for it – hopes which decreased when I was disappointed by another John C Reily comedy vehicle – Step Brothers.   I did enjoy Walk The Line, and since Walk Hard was basically a spoof of the Johnny Cash biopic (which I pronounce “bio-pic” not “bi-opic”), I was certainly willing to give it a shot.

The first part of the movie where you learn the background story of Dewey Cox was some good storytelling amongst comedic elements.  Not only did they spoof on Walk The Line, but they also included some of Ray Charles’ background into it – which they continued to do throughout the film to good effect.


John C Reily did a great job in the role, selling almost all the jokes as straight as possible with pretty good delivery.  I don’t know how much of the singing he did, but that aspect didn’t take away from the overall enjoyability of the film.

Kristen Wiig performed well, as always, in the role of Dewey Cox’s first wife despite there not being much focus on her character.

Jenna Fischer was enjoyable as the June Carter style character (Johnny Cash’s wife).  Her duets with Dewey Cox were funny… and just a tad bit hot.

I don’t always enjoy movies (and SNL segments) that Tim Meadows is involved in, but he was really good as the reluctant-drug-introducer band mate.

Probably the best part of this movie were all the cameos involved.  In addition to the famous musicians who showed up (Jackson Browne, Jewel, Lyle Lovett, Ghostface Killah, Eddie Vedder, Jack White ), you also had Craig Robinson, Harold Ramis, Martin Starr, Jack McBrayer, Ed Helms, Frankie Muniz, Odette Yustman, Jack Black, Jonah Hill, Justin Long, Paul Rudd, Jason Schwartzman, not to mention a whole host of others in the Director’s Cut.

As with Step Brothers’ sleep-walking destruction, I didn’t enjoy the running-gag in Walk Hard where Dewey Cox would just destroy things any time his life was moving into a new phase.  I just thought it was a sad attempt at pulling in laughs for people who like to laugh at a person doing stupid things.

This movie is hard to recommend based on the fact that the parody is well done, the language and drug use are harsh, there’s full frontal male nudity and some parts of the movie are down right stupid.

Definitely not a classic, but I did enjoy it for the most part.

Watch with caution.

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