I had always heard that Tootsie was an all-time classic comedy, but for some reason I never mustered enough interest in watching it until I noticed it was going to be on AMC network, so I set my TiVo.

I don’t know if it lived up to its “classic” status, but it was better than I expected (if that makes any sense).  That in mind, I’m going to try not to over-hype it for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

The beginning of the movie sets up the fact that Dustin Hoffman, who does a great job in this film, is a great actor and a great teacher of acting, but that he’s also tough to work with because he takes the profession SOO seriously.  His students love him, he loves them, and when one of them fails to get a role, he decides to prove that the director who rejected his student is an idiot.

The main plot point:  the role his student is rejected for that he gets is for a woman.

I’m not giving any huge spoilers here.  Unless you get the movie delivered from an online service where you don’t see the movie’s cover art and you turn on the movie without seeing any of the menu, you likely know that the movie involves cross-dressing. If you didn’t know that?  Sorry about that.  Mrs. Doubtfire involves cross-dressing too.  That’s a bonus spoiler.

Anyway, I won’t give away any more, because you either haven’t seen it and don’t need any other spoilers, or you’ve seen it a half dozen times and don’t need to hear the plot points.

I was surprised to see Bill Murray in the film.  I wish he was in the movie more, but he was entertaining when he was on screen.  The other actors who you’ve seen in various other roles did a fine job as well.

Overall a very enjoyable experience.  I won’t be buying the movie on DVD, or even renting it, but if it comes on tv again and there’s nothing else on, I’d watch it again.

Who would I recommend it to?  Anyone over the age of 14 due to some mild adult situations.

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