From the first time I saw a preview for Time Traveler’s Wife, I knew I’d eventually see it.  No one I talked to wanted to see it in the theater, so I finally caught it on DVD.  At one point I was interested in trying to read the book prior to seeing the movie, but as I’m partially aliterate, the plans never materialized.

The concept for the plot was very intriguing to me.  Eric Bana’s character (whose name I can’t recall – I’m bad with character names) unwillingly travels through time, unable to control when he phases out, nor any details of his destination.  For whatever reason, his travels seem to always take him to a place and time where he can interact with Rachel McAdams’ character (again, I’m unsure of the name, but for this article’s purpose, it doesn’t matter).

Eric Bana isn’t the greatest actor in the world, but he does a passable job with this film.  His emotions seemed real enough, I just didn’t like how he delivered half his lines.  He didn’t hurt the film with his performance, though I’m sure there could’ve be better options to play the role.

I’ve yet to see Rachel McAdams in a role that I didn’t enjoy seeing her perform.  Yes, she’s a beautiful woman, but she really dives into each of her characters and you forget about the other things she’s done in her career while she’s on screen.

Another actor who did well in his performance is Ron Livingston, who you might remember as the main character in Office Space, or as one of Jon Favreau’s friends in Swingers.  He again plays a side character in this film, and he did it well.

The special effects in this movie, of which there aren’t a wide variety but the time-travel moments are used aplenty, were well executed.

This isn’t the type of movie I can widely recommend to the readers of GuysNation, but I never had any pre-conceived notion  that it would be.  I would say that it shouldn’t be too painful an experience for most guys, if you’re willing o just appreciate the special effects moments, the work of the attractive Rachel McAdams, and watch as the concept plays out into a decent dramatic film.  I do know some guys who fell asleep while their significant others were watching this film, and while I can understand it happening, it is a bit of an extreme reaction.

If the choice is between Time Traveler’s Wife and a serious chick flick?  I’d likely pick this film.

And I still might consider reading the book.

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