Even after waiting to see Slumdog Millionaire on DVD instead of in the theater, I was still expecting not to enjoy the movie. I figured it was going to be a well written drama that would provide plenty to think about, but yet leave me feeling somewhat depressed about the state of human affairs halfway across the world.

What I got was really good movie with some very intense scenes, and not to give too much away, but the ending to the film was satisfying, though I won’t tell you why it was satisfying.  As you near the end of the film, you’ll start to see that there are several ways that things can end up for the main character which could leave you feeling good.

It’s likely not surprising that I’d never seen any of the actors prior to Slumdog Millionaire, but I will be looking to see what else the main character was in, as well as the television show host and maybe even a couple others.  They certainly have a future in Hollywood.

All in all, I’m not surprised that it won so many awards.

I’d recommend that everyone see this movie at one point or another

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