I was fully prepared to be disappointed by this movie, and for once it was my father who gave me hope that I would like a movie (for the second time since I was 12 years old, my father saw a movie before I did – the other being Get Smart).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Guy Ritchie.  During my “Rent and Watch a Random Movie” phase, I was very pleased to find “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”, which is still one of my favorite movies today along with Revolver.

The thing is, from my experience with Sherlock Holmes, he’s not an action movie star, and all the previews set it up to look like an action movie.

I was prepared for a good Guy Ritchie action/mystery film, but I was also ready to be frustrated by the possibility that one of the best literary characters of all time was going to have a film that didn’t fit his persona.

So after waiting for the movie to show up at the discount theater near me, I gave it a shot, and I did enjoy it.  It wasnt exactly the type of movie I thought it was going to be, but I still thought there might’ve been a bit too much action for Sherlock Holmes.  The way I always understood it, Sherlock Holmes was the super genius detective, and Watson (Jude Law) was his sidekick who helped him talk through logic in addition to taking care of things when there was any need to get physical.  In this Guy Ritchie film, I have no doubt that Sherlock Holmes would easily defeat Watson in a fight, which makes me wonder why he’s part of the tandem at all.

The character who Rachel McAdams played in the film added an interesting sub-plot.  She seems to be the only woman Holmes ever loved… and she’s a master thief.

If anyone thought this movie might possibly end with Sherlock Holmes dying, you need a bit of a reality check.  This film was the chance to setup a Sherlock Holmes franchise (though that would be TWO big franchises where Robert Downey Jr would be playing the lead role – with Iron Man being a huge hit).  They did setup nicely for Professor Moriarty to be involved in the next film, though I do like the idea that he could be something of a mastermind who moves pieces around, toying with Sherlock Holmes while other mysteries unravel before the sleuth.

I would definitely recommend this movie for anyone over the age of 14.  I don’t seem to remember any subject matter which was too “adult”, and I can’t think of anything in the movie which would keep a man or woman under the age of 67 from enjoying it – unless they don’t like to have lots of on-screen action.

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