Though I’m somewhat aliterate, I have enjoyed some Shakespeare from time to time (the stories are great, though it takes me forever to read them, and I usually need others to help me interpret it, which makes for fun conversation).  I had heard about “Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead” years ago, probably a decade or more, and while I can’t remember whether the person initially told me about the play or the movie, it has been floating around my head for quite some time.

When I saw that the movie about the two minor characters from Hamlet was to be on the Epix network, I jumped at the chance to DVR it.  I always like adding things to my Quest for 75 from 1990 or prior, so as not to just see new movies.

As you might’ve also noticed, I’m trying to become more familiar with the work of Gary Oldman, as I explained in my article about Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  Though he was enjoyable in this movie, I wouldn’t list it as one of my favorite roles of his.

The other titular character was portrayed by Tim Roth, an actor who I’m sure I’ve seen in plenty of films, but he never really stuck with me as an actor of whose work I wanted to see more.  Some friends of mine are big fans of his, though, so I was more than happy to see what he was capable of doing with Shakespeare, and he didn’t disappoint – though I’m still not too inclined to add him to the top of my list of actors whose work I’ll seek out.

Though the whole film was interesting, my favorite part would have to be the Questions game they played, a concept I’ve seen done elsewhere (and even tried a few times during drinking games), though never on an indoor makeshift volleyball / badmitton court while keeping score like tennis.  Highly amusing.  Likely one of my top 20 favorite scenes in a movie.  Ever.

The coin flipping gag was mildly amusing and certainly worth mentioning.

Unless you’re interested in Shakespeare and don’t mind having to really listen to the dialogue, I’m not going to recommend this film to you.  It’s certainly not a comedy which easily evokes laughs, though they are there.  I could easily see some viewers coming away from this movie being disappointed because they didn’t think it was very funny at all.

You’ll have to excuse the mild length of this article.  I’ve fallen behind on my write-ups and need to catch up.

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