Never heard of Maiden Heist?  Neither had I before my wife found it on the shelves of our local video rental store.  When I saw the actors on the cover, I knew it would probably be an enjoyable watch.

Christopher Walken.  Morgan Freeman.  William H Macy.

Now I can understand when a typically great actor chooses a script that has potential and then the film falls flat because of various reasons (directing, other actors, editing, etc), but I felt confident that with all three of these characters having chosen Maiden Heist, it was going to turn out well.

I wasn’t let down.

Stop reading here if you’ve already decided that you’ll give this film a chance and you don’t want to know much of anything about the plot.  I’m not going to give spoilers, but going into my first viewing of the film, I didn’t want to know much of anything about it.

Christopher Walken works as a security guard at a museum, and having worked there for decades, he has come to be a bit obsessed with one of the paintings.  The same thing happens to Morgan Freeman’s character.  Essentially, the same thing happens to William H Macy’s character, but each person’s favorite artwork is different and they like them for different reasons.  Then one day the museum curator decides that they’re bringing in new works and moving their exhibits to a gallery somewhere in Europe (I can’t remember where, I saw the movie about a month ago).  As you might guess from the title, the characters spend a significant portion of the movie trying to decide whether or not they want to try to steal these pieces of art, and if so, how they’d go about doing it.

It was a qwirky little movie that I don’t recall ever hitting theaters.  I don’t suspect it would’ve done big numbers at the box office, but I also don’t think that the people who would’ve seen it would’ve been disappointed.  It’s not the type of film that most teenagers would enjoy – not the mainstream ones anyway.  There was some comedy in it, but not the type that you’ll laugh out loud about.  It’s the type of movie that the women I know would consider “cute”, and the guys would call it a “funny little movie”.

As I think about it, I’d probably compare this movie to Bottle Rocket or Safe Men, which you’ll likely understand as you see the cover art below.

Don’t expect great things from this movie, don’t expect big laughs, don’t expect an Academy Award nomination pertaining to anything about it.  If you rent it with those things in mind, you’ll have a pleasant evening / afternoon viewing.

Maiden Heist

Here’s the trailer:

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