Friends of mine with a good understanding of the movies I like (and dislike) will likely be surprised by several of the films I’ve seen thus far in 2010, as I’ve viewed a lot more graphicly violent films this year than usual.  That trend is probably going to continue, as quite a few from my list of films I want to see in 2010 tend to be of that sort.

The thirty-fourth movie I’ve seen in these first few months of 2010 is John Carpenter’s Vampires, which is actually only the third John Carpenter film I’ve ever seen (Halloween, Big Trouble in Little China).   By the end of the year, I hope to increase that to at least 4 (Starman).

I will yet again admit that I watched this film on TiVo from network television, so the amount of gore / violence was less than it would’ve been had I seen it on DVD… but given the fact that I don’t like to see tons and tons of gore, I doubt I would’ve ever rented this movie.  In fact, I have over 900 movies in my online rental delivery queue, and I would be willing to bet this movie has never been on the list.

It was a much better flick than I thought it would be.  I started out watching it on television while I got ready to go somewhere, but once I realized that I wanted to see the rest of the film, I had to run downstairs during a commercial to set the TiVo to record it, keeping me from being late for my appointment.

I was surprised to see James Woods in the film, though I guess I shouldn’t have been.  He’s a really good actor, but it’s not like he’s an elite actor, and so this movie wasn’t exactly “beneath” him.

I liked the plot:  vampires in search of a holy relic to be used in a demonic ritual, vampire hunters trying to hunt them down and kill them (again).

Yet again I find myself saying that any recommendation I might have will go to waste.  If you haven’t seen this movie, you’re either too young to see it or it’s not your type of film.  If you would enjoy it, chances are you’ve already seen it.  On the off chance that you enjoy monster movies, especially VAMPIRE movies, give it a look.  I’m sure it’s not the best of its kind, but it does the job of enjoyably killing a couple hours of time.

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