Maybe it’s because I’ve seen a dozen sports-related movies which were inspired by & produced since the 1986 Indiana basketball film, but I was a bit letdown by the “classic” Hoosiers.

I had high hopes for the movie, looking forward to seeing classic performances by Gene Hackman and the recently deceased Dennis Hopper.  I’ve seen enough 80’s movies that my expectations for cheesy music and various editing techniques no longer in practice were prepared to let those not affect my enjoyment.


Sure, Hoosiers is still a good movie with a decent premise and some good dialogue at points, but it’s not even in my top 5 sports movies of all time at this point, which is where I would’ve expected it to be, given it’s “classic” status.

Yes, I’m glad I watched Hoosiers finally, and I’d definitely recommend any sports fan who hasn’t seen it should give it a watch, but I’d caution that you might be disappointed with it like I was.

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