I can’t believe this, but I’ve found yet another classic comedy in which I barely found anything to enjoy.

In fact, History Of The World Part I, for the most part, was less entertaining than my high school history class.

(Mr. Kent set the bar high, but it shouldn’t have been tough for Mel Brooks to surpass)

If anyone reading this really enjoyed History Of The World Part I and thinks I missed a scene or two, I’d love to hear the comments to set me straight.

Gregory Hines’ work?  Really good.  His performance was the only part of the film I liked.

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Mel Brooks?  His lines just didn’t make me laugh.  I saw what he was trying to do with his jokes – none of them went over my head – I just didn’t find it funny.

Dom DeLuise wasn’t entertaining at all in this film, and it’s not like this is my first time experiencing his brand of comedy, I just didn’t laugh at almost anything he did in this movie.

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Don’t even get me started on the lame Sid Caesar caveman bit at the beginning.

At one point, I almost fell asleep during this movie.

It’s hard for me to take a classic comedy such as this and recommend that people NOT see it.  I feel like people should make their own decision on how enjoyable it was, but if someone I knew was looking for a “can’t miss” comedy for a weekend viewing?  I would tell them to try something else.

As a side-note, I’m over 80% done with my Quest To 75, and while I’m sure I’ll far exceed the initial goal, I’m not going to rename this year’s “quest” with any new number assigned to it, though I will say that my unofficial new goal is over 100.

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