I wasn’t always a Jason Bateman fan.  It might’ve started when I saw Teen Wolf 2, expecting Michael J Fox and got Bateman in the lead role instead.  Or maybe I was just annoyed at his role back in the show Silver Spoons.  It might have something to do with the fact that I’ve never seen a single episode of Arrested Development.  Maybe if I had watched the critically acclaimed show, I’d be actively looking to watch Jason’s films, but to this point, I haven’t done that.

After seeing Bateman in Juno, State of Play, Couples Retreat and now Extract, I’l be looking for his future projects.

The movie Extract, as a whole wasn’t great, but it was enjoyable.

When I heard that Extract was written / directed by Mike Judge, all I could think of was Beavis & Butthead – which I watched on occasion as a teenager, but which I never found to be all that great.  If it were on today, I wouldn’t set my TiVo for it.  I gained a lot of respect for Judge while watching the special features on the Extract DVD and hearing the way actors talk about him as a writer and director.  What I also didn’t realize prior to watching that featurette is that he was behind Office Space – which is a great movie – and King of the Hill (a show I never fully embraced, but I’ve enjoyed each time I’ve watched it).

Were I to rank the characters of That 70’s Show based on how entertaining I found them, Mila Kunis’ character – Jackie – wouldn’t probably be in the Top 10 (Fez, Red, Eric, Kitty, Kelso, Bob, Steven Hyde, Leo, Donna, Midge), but Kunis did a good job in Extract, not surprising after having seen her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  When I rented this movie, I didn’t realize that Mila’s character would actually have much depth.  She was almost the lead role in Extract (which was definitely Jason Bateman’s character).  Although her role isn’t anywhere near being the kind of thing someone could be nominated for an award for, she did really well with what she was given.

As I knew I would, I enjoyed Kristen Wiig’s performance.  It was an understated role, a big difference than what she typically has on Saturday Night Live, and although I don’t remember her providing any laughs, she did good work.

I almost always enjoy J.K. Simmons in whatever he’s in, though he’s not really a DRAW to any movie.  Just as he’s done in the Spider-man movies, “Juno”, “I Love You, Man” and a few others I’ve seen him in, he was an entertaining part of this movie.

Ben Affleck was in Extract, and although I wouldn’t say he did a good job in his role, he didn’t detract from the film.  He was believable as a pathetic bartender.

One person who surprised me with his performance was Dustin Milligan, who used to be on the new version of 90210.  I won’t spoil anything about the role he played in Extract except to say that he’s not one of the factory workers (he’s the “friend” of Ben Affleck’s character).

While not a great movie by any means, and not even close to being “unmissable”, if someone was considering watching Extract, I’d recommend they give it a shot.  None of my parents would probably enjoy it, but they wouldn’t hate it.  Were any of my friends to watch it, they probably wouldn’t regret it.

That’s #6 on the year.  I’ve got a few more of these reviews to write up to cover what I’ve already seen, and thus far I’m actually on pace to get more than 75.

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