I’ve been a fan of Owen Wilson since I first saw his wacky character Dignan in the Wes Anderson movie Bottle Rocket, and my interest in him only grew as I found out that he also helped write Bottle Rocket and other Wes Anderson films.

When I first saw the trailers for Drillbit Taylor, I was moderately interested in seeing it, despite the fact that I was fairly certain it wouldn’t be a great film.  The idea of Owen Wilson playing bodyguard / defense mentor to a couple of young teenage boys who are being bullied at school had me only slightly above lukewarm on the idea, even when considering the lovely Leslie Mann (Knocked Up, Funny People, Big Daddy… and Judd Apatow’s wife) was involved as Owen Wilson’s love interest.  That’s why I decided to wait to see it until it was eventually on television (for some reason I never even got the urge to rent it on DVD).

A couple decades from now, when people talk about Owen Wilson’s best movies, they won’t mention Drillbit Taylor.  In fact, I would highly doubt anyone’s even going to mention it as a “sleeper hit” / “cult film”.  It wasn’t bad at all, but I’d be surprised if anyone considers it amongst their favorite Owen Wilson movies.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if many Owen Wilson fans forgot he was even in this movie.


I’m glad I saw the film.  It was a decent way to spend an evening, and it’s better than some of the films I’ve seen the past 6 months.  I’d watch it again if someone I knew was really interested in seeing it, but I’d probably recommend that we make a different rental choice.

The film had scenes which were a bit too violent, including the dismemberment of a finger and plenty of bully beatings suffered by the main characters.  I don’t recall the language being too rough, though it definitely earned its PG-13 rating with some of the references they make.

I don’t see any reason not to skip this movie unless you’re trying to make sure you see all of Owen Wilson’s films, and you probably won’t be too disappointed if you never end up seeing it, but it’s not a terrible waste of time either way.

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