When I saw Deja Vu listed in the guide menu on my cable box, I almost didn’t set it up to DVR.  I had remembered seeing the previews for it when it was in the theater, but it didn’t really strike me as being any good.

I was wrong.  I admit it.  But that’s why I set the DVR.  I know that sometimes I have the knack of completely misjudging a film based on the previews.

Now I’m not going to say this was a great movie, because it wasn’t great, but it was enjoyable.  If I had to compare it to another film, I’d say it’s very similar to the movie Frequency, which I’m guessing at least 30% of the people reading this article didn’t see.  And you should.  Oddly enough, both flicks have James Caviezel in a somewhat prominent role.  He did a good job in Frequency.  He does a great job in Deja Vu.

Denzell Washington is the star of this film, and I’m enjoying more and more of his lesser hyped films.  Deja Vu was a fun ride which had my brain moving a little bit, as was the case with Man On Fire earlier in the year. He gives a more memorable performance in Man On Fire, but that’s probably because it was a better character.  There was nothing really wrong with his Deja Vu character from what I could remember, but it doesn’t really compare to the one he plays in Man On Fire.

If you liked Frequency, you should check out Deja Vu.  If you like movies which you can watch a couple times and pick up new things on a second (and third) viewing while still appreciating and understanding the film the first time, check out Deja Vu.  If the concept of thinking while watching a movie frustrates you at all, you might just leave this one alone.

If this is your first time reading one of my Quest For 75 reviews and wonder what that’s all about, you can learn more about that in my introduction article for the quest.  If you’re wondering why I’ve named this article 80 of 75, it’s because I’ve already met my goal of 75 for the year and I’m tracking to see to what extent I surpass the goal.

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