Given my experience with the lackluster Pringles “Extreme” (a term they should use loosely) ranch-flavored chips (which you can read more about in my review here at GuysNation), I didn’t have high hopes for the Pringles Extreme Torchin’ Tamale variation, but it’s my responsibility to you, the Guys Nation Faithful, to provide my opinion on various snacks.

Also to keep in mind:  Mexican is not my favorite food, and since a Tamale is a Mexican dish (some sort of meat filling inside of a corn husk), I’m not expecting to love the chips, so that’s a disclaimer.  I still feel as though I can adequately review them.

The initial smell test went well.  The fact that the bag says “torchin” leads me to believe that there’s going to be a spicy kick to the chips, and upon the initial smell, I get some tingles in my nose, which leaves me a little more optimistic.

The flavor is pretty decent.  There’s not too much to distinguish these chips from some of the other Pringles I’ve had (BBQ, Buffalo Chicken), but there does seem to be a slight variation with a hint of Mexican spice.

There’s definitely a little kick to the chips – not nearly as much as the Utz Red Hot Chips, or even some of the jalapeno chips I’ve had, but enough kick to leave a reminder for a minute or thereabouts.

I’d definitely prefer these chips to the Smokin’ Ranch variation, which is surprising to me because I thought it would be the other way around.

I don’t see the Torchin’ Tamale as being good enough to be considered anyone’s favorite chips, but I could imagine someone enjoying them enough to buy a can once a month to have around the house.  They’d probably be a good flavor option to go with a cookout, providing a taste-alternative to compliment the burgers / chicken / baked beans / etc.