Here’s the thing… There are all sorts of guys. It’s not a term I limit by gender or interest in sports or beer or anything like that. I’m all sorts of inclusive. Not all topics on this site will appeal to everyone, and that’s fine. I’d love it if the people who visited would check out as much content as possible, but that’s not realistic. That being said, one topic I’m going to discuss is something that I’ve come to appreciate now that my son is in his elementary school years. I was never into Pokemon growing up, but as I have been (somewhat) forced to learn more about them, I find myself mildly entertained by not just the shows, but also the card game.

Sure, it can be a huge “money sink” if you let it, and while I’m doing my best not to let it, I will say that I’ve probably invested more in it than I’d care to admit. The majority of it is for my kid, but I’ll admit to having a couple things that are primarily for me.

This site isn’t going to switch its focus away from the types of content we’ve typically covered. There will still be movie reviews, sports news, wrestling-related content, but there’s room for more. One thing I noticed in checking out which pages are most popular with readers is that the cosplay articles and interviews we have get significantly more readers than I initially expected. While I’m sure part of the popularity is due to the beautiful women who are typically featured, but it’s also an indication that these sorts of sub-cultures have people who are interested in consuming that content. Not that all cosplay fans are also interested in Pokemon, but I think there exists more overlap there than if you consider potential overlap between wrestling fans and Pokemon.

And we’re not just covering Pokemon because I think we’ll get some hits out of it. I don’t do anything on this site specifically for the “hits”. We’ll be covering Pokemon because I find it interesting and because I think it’s something that other people will find interesting, too. And if you don’t have elementary-school-aged children yet, if a time comes that you do, you’ll possibly thank me for providing the resources to help you appreciate it, possibly love it, or at least understand it.

The people I know who initially scoffed at the notion that it might be fun have eventually come around to seeing it as something that is at the very least mildly amusing, and at best, an addicting hobby.

We’ll see how it goes!