Playing with History.


Three. Three teams (2 NHL 1 MLB) have gone down three games in a best of 7 series in ALL of Major Sports, and won. Make it FOUR.

Three. Three goals is huge lead in hockey. Insurmountable? No. But its a heavy load. A Steep climb. A cliche’ of cliche’s. Being down THREE means one thing. Score FOUR.

Three. Almost 3 weeks since the Flyer’s Simon Gagne was on the ice, since breaking a foot blocking a shot against the New Jersey Devils in their first series.

Three. Three Goals he scored in his first 2 games since returning. Before scoring the game winner tonight, his FOURth of the playoffs.

Tonight the Philadelphia Flyers put themselves on an incredibly short list. Down 3 games to nothing they fought and clawed their way to force a game 7. Something in and of itself is a rare feat. Then? They came out and gave up 3 goals in the first 15 minutes.

Coach, Peter Laviolette called a timeout. Pulled his team in. Told them “Just get on the board”. James van Riemsdyk heeded his coach’s words and touched the twine with just under 3 minutes to go. Going into the first intermission the Flyers were down 3-1. Not ideal, but just the push they needed going into the break.

For a team who had to go to a shootout the last day of the regular season to get into the playoffs? Who’s seen starting goaltenders go down 3 times this season. Most recently losing Brian Boucher with a nasty looking knee sprain in game 5. Who were as low as 14th in the standings? Who lost top scorers Jeff Carter and Simon Gagne in their first series? There was no chance of them caving, giving up, or going home.

And? They didn’t.

They came out in the second period and dominated play. They were hitting. They were all over the ice. When the horn blew at the end of the second period the Boston crowd was silent. The score deadlocked thanks to goals by Danny Briere and Scottie Hartnell. The two players who took bad penalties in the 1st that helped dig the Flyers hole. And I’m just barely mentioning the goal that got reviewed and deemed a “no goal” that could have given the Flyers the lead going into intermission… but the replay didn’t say so, so when all was said and done?

After 6 games and 40 minutes. 3 games to 3 games. Score: 3-3. Twenty minutes.

Edge of my seat was, en. GAGED!

End to end hockey. Each team had great opportunities, each goalie made saves to keep their team in the game. So who else could be the hero? He came back early from foot surgery. Scored 3 goals in his first two games back. Philly hasn’t lost since he returned to the lineup. Simon Gagne buried a shot with 7 minutes remaining, and all through the Delaware Valley: there was much rejoicing. Then its “hold on” time as Boston went on the full attack including pulling the goalie.



Two… One… as the clock struck zero, history was made!

One of the most amazing sporting events I’ve ever seen. Like their regular season this was the proverbial “emotional roller coaster”.

Its a testament to the team from the coach on down that they are the 3rd NHL team in history to come back from down 0-3. To crawl out from a 3 goal deficit. This team won’t die. They don’t panic… Oh, and if you haven’t been tuned in? You’re missing out. They’re fun as hell to watch! Everyone of these games were good, hard hitting hockey games, and I’m happy as hell that I get more games, and that another step has been taken towards the Stanley Cup.

…oh and icing on the cake? They get home ice in the next round of the playoffs!

Lets bring on the Canadiens, and the hottest goaltender in the playoffs.