I am tooling around the internet today and what do I have in my hotmail inbox? A News Alert from MLB. A News Alert from the Philadelphia Phillies.

June 25-27th the Phillies were scheduled to play the Toronto Blue Jays IN Toronto. Not. So. Fast. The games have been moved to the City of Brotherly Love because of the G20 Summit which is being hosted in Toronto that same weekend. So the Phils benefit by getting another weekend at home. Against a team they should beat up on, anyway!

The games will be played with the DH. The Blue Jays will bat last, as if they’re the home team. If you think this is a “Home” game for the Toronto Blue Jays? You’re crazy. There will be 40,000 of Philly’s finest in the stands. GOod news for the Blue Jays this could be the first home stand weekend series they’ve sold out in… well… god knows how long.

So the Phils get the benefit of less travel and three more nights at their homes. Hardly seems fair for the best team in the NL!