Most guys probably have posters of hot women in their workshops, but I just found a poster of a different sort that deserves to be right alongside those posters. Abreast, if you will.

Available from the Pop Chart Lab, this poster takes over 300 different hand tools typically used in workshops or found in tool boxes and sorts them into various categories, all on one big 24×36 (standard movie sized) poster. Here’s how they describe it:

With over 300 meticulously illustrated tools this chart celebrates the tinkerers and the doers: those who build, repair, and create. Breaking down all manner of hand tools by their basic function, this sprawling print covers the most basic, such as the humble yet mighty hammer, to the most highly specialized, such as the 24 types of files depicted here. A hand-crafted compendium of ingenious and essential devices, this chart is a complete cut-list of the tools that empower makers and artisans.

Tell me you wouldn’t want this hanging up somewhere:


Be sure to check their site for the option to buy it, and for a zoom-able version.