There’s no doubt that if there were a Snacks Hall Of Fame, Oreo cookies would be in it. No doubt. So whenever Oreo comes out with a new product, I try it, though usually to subpar effect. The Strawberry cream filled Oreos were decent, but not great. The Oreo Cakesters left something to be desired, and yet, the awesome originals are causing my interest in trying the Oreo Brownies.

Essentially what we have here is a thick cakey bar with the creme in the middle, with creme also criss-crossing the top.

Again I’m mildly disappointed by an Oreo snack. The cakey part of the snack is definitely sub-par. The creme filling may be the culprit, as the cakey part has to be of particular consistency to be able to exist around the creme filling. And it’s not even like the inner creme filling is necessary, because the creme criss-crossing the top of the snack would’ve been sufficient, as there’s plenty on there and it wouldn’t have affected the consistency need for the cakey part.

The taste isn’t terrible. It’s certainly as good as the typical Little Debbie chocolate cakey snacks with creme on them. The consistency is really the biggest problem here.

Most people like to dip Oreo cookies in milk. With this snack, you’ll have to, otherwise it might be a bit too chewy to swallow.

Health facts: for one bar, which isn’t necessarily all that filling, it’s 190 calories, though only 80 of them are from fat. There are 26 carbs in the Oreo Brownies, with 15 g sugar.

Bottom Line: Just like with Rice Krispies treats, if you can find a way to make your own Oreo Brownies (which I have a suggestion for), you might want to try that instead of this, because this Nabisco snack is average at best.

My suggestion for making your own Oreo brownies? Take a bunch of Oreos and fill the desired bake-friendly container with them. Once you’ve determined how many Oreos are needed, crush them up (I might suggest a plastic sandwich bag). Take a bit of milk and lightly coat the Oreo crumbs. Add marshmallows if desired.  Maybe even a spoon or two of butter. Bake at 325 for probably 5 to 10 minutes until the milk starts to get fully absorbed. Might take longer (not sure, never tried it). When you can cut up the brownie into pieces which stick together, it’s probably good. You could probably top these brownies with some store-bought butter-cream frosting (I wouldn’t even begin to pretend I’d know how to make this… I only do that with brownies).