We’re looking to step up our game in terms of the movie-related content we have on the site, and if you like movies, you can be a big part of that, even if you don’t want to write articles. If you do like to write movie reviews, we’d love to get you involved… and if you have a blog, we’ll help you promote it. Here’s some details on what we’re doing:

The Rate & Reviewer App

For a while now, in or spare time we’ve been building an application which will help movie lovers and movie reviewers alike. We want to help recommend movies to people based on what other movies they like, all the while helping share great movie reviews written up by other people using the system.

Involvement is simple. Each person who joins up to share their thoughts on movies simply accesses a GuysNation-provided interface, selects a movie from the list, rates the movie and, where applicable, enters a link to their review (whether it has been posted to GuysNation or is located on their own site).

These opinions shared with our application are displayed when someone seeks out information about a movie or wants a recommendation for a movie to watch in a given category or central theme which pertains to those movies. Amongst the information displayed to users are links to any reviews shared by users of our application.

Our application also incorporates a system which recognizes reviewer achievements when users provide their opinions on a significant portion of the movies in a given category or which fall into a central theme.

When the public-facing additions to the site are complete and we have a statistically significant number of reviews entered into the system, the interfaces we’ve been working on will be made public. With hundreds of reviews already entered into the system, it won’t be long before it becomes a cornerstone of the site.

Round Table Discussions

Another big part of future movie-related content through GuysNation are round table discussions. We’re looking for movie lovers who enjoy back-and-forth discussions on a variety of topics, such as:

  • characters in a particular movie (e.g. the hero you most envy from Avengers)
  • characters in a genre (e.g. the best villain from comic book movies)
  • characters you’d like to see portrayed on film (e.g. the lead character from Keys To The Street)
  • most over-rated movie by David Fincher
  • most over-rated Oscar winner for Best Picture
  • biggest Oscar snub (from a given year or decade)

Discussions can take place in a variety of ways, whether through mass emails or some other written means, like a forum, or through video-related content. The results of the round table will be incorporated into an article posted on GuysNation, and all participants can get mentions for their respective Twitter and/or external websites.

Getting Involved

To take part in either (or both) of these opportunities, simply send an email to rob (at) guysnation (dot) com with the following information:

  • How you want your name displayed publicly
  • What geographic region you want to be associated with (and why)
  • Your favorite movie of all time
  • Your website (where applicable)
  • Your Twitter name (where applicable)

When your application is reviewed and approved, you will be provided with a link to your personalized interface which you’ll use to easily provide your opinions on hundreds of movies.