is looking to expand its coverage on a variety of topics, and we’re currently looking for individuals who are knowledgeable in a particular area and are interested in sharing their opinions with our audience.  These individuals will start as non-paid resources but as opportunities present themselves, the GuysNation ownership believes there will be plenty of opportunity for compensation.

As millions of job seekers will confirm, gaining experience to add to a resume is often worth its weight in gold, and for anyone interested in getting paid to work in the media, this presents a great opportunity to  prove ones worth.

Current Openings



  • Dallas Cowboys columnist
  • New York Yankees columnist
  • Boston-area sports columnist
  • Chicago-area sports columnist
  • Detroit Red Wings columnist
  • MMA columnist / predictor
  • College Football General columnist / predicter
  • Notre Dame football columnist
  • Big Ten columnist
  • SEC columnist
  • Big 12 columnist
  • NASCAR columnist
  • Miami Heat columnist
  • Los Angeles Lakers columnist

Other Entertainment Related

  • Movie Reviewer
  • Television Show Reviewer
  • Music (Indy Rock) Reviewer
  • Music (Hip-Hop / Rap) Reviewer
  • Music (other) Reviewer
  • Perceived Area of Need (think GuysNation is lacking something you want to write about OR read about or both?  let us know)

Other Need Areas

  • WordPress Page Design / Theme Format Specialist

List to be updated regularly as needs are identified.

Any interested individuals should send an email to and indicate which columnist position(s) they’re interested in, as well as providing a few sentences to describe their background, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • What part of the world they live in (closest city)
  • What level of education they have (no discrimination here, just curious)
  • Their favorites (for sports-related columnists list teams, athletes… including any teams / athletes they might dislike;  for non-sports-related columnists, list the pertinent movies / tv shows / etc)
  • A brief explanation (not a sample) of your writing experience (whether you’ve written for other websites / publications, school essays / research papers, debate team, creative writing venues, anything where you take research or opinion or creativity and put it into a readable format)
  • Availability (can you write an article once a week / day / month?  are you interested in weekly “round-ups”?  are you open to GuysNation staff sending you article requests or do you prefer to write articles solely when you come up with the topic on your own? would you prefer to get topic ideas sent to you?)

In other news…