Part of my duties as an intern are to peruse the internet from time to time to see what I can find, and in a recent trip to The Superficial, I found something amazing which made the trip worth while.

Namely, Olivia Wilde in a fantastic pictorial.

I’ve heard she’s in a new movie coming to theaters soon.  A sequel to an 80’s movie.  It’s called TRON: Legacy.  The new movie, not the 80’s movie.  That was just TRON.

I could write just about anything I wanted to here, and so long as my words are next to Olivia Wilde’s great covershot, I don’t know that anyone’s going to read what I’m saying.  Not during the first one or two times they visit.

I love my job.

The original article on The Superficial where I found this image has plenty more, but since they found the images, I’ll give them credit and let you see the rest of the images there.