This Thursday marks the second substantial NXT live event on the WWE Network. Following in the footsteps of NXT ArRIVAL, the first of the events akin to a pay per view for the minor league type brand, the May 29th event is entitled NXT Takeover. Its bookings contain some decent matches, and because the next GuysNation Wrestling Podcast is still a couple days away, I figured I’d give a preview and my predictions here in article form.

Adam Rose vs Camacho

This is the only match without direct championship implications, but I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve seen bits of what Adam Rose can do on RAW, but I’m guessing he’ll have a better showcase of his talents here, where it’s not primarily just an opportunity to showcase his gimmick. I consider Camacho to be an untapped resource and I’m glad to see him get more opportunity to get himself on-air in-ring time, though I fully expect that Adam Rose is going to win this match in a big way. For now, Camacho is in a holding pattern while his former tag team partner plays “Sin Cara” on the main rosters. Eventually those two should be a tag team, and this would be a decent opportunity for Sin Cara / Hunico to show up and give Adam Rose some additional fan support by jumping him from behind, but I don’t see that happening. This match will likely be a cut-and-dry victory for Adam Rose.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match
The Ascension (c) vs El Local y Kalisto

Based on what I’ve seen from these two teams thus far, the entertainment value of this match hinges on how credible NXT is willing to make El Local and Kalisto. Part of me thinks this match is just an opportunity to help get The Ascension over by having decent opponents with above-average in-ring skill. I don’t readily believe that the NXT Tag Team Championships are going to change hands at this event, though I could see this match ending in a way that El Local and Kalisto seem like legit contenders. The Ascension need something to help them get to the point where their personality begins to shine through, because at this point, they’re a bit dull aside from a cool entrance and a somewhat bad-ass look.

Number One Contender to the NXT Championship
Sami Zayn vs Tyler Breeze

I’ve enjoyed every Sami Zayn match I’ve ever seen, so I’m certainly looking forward to watching this one for that reason. Tyler Breeze absolutely has charisma, but I want to see more of what he can do in the ring. I can’t base my opinion of him from what I saw in a Battle Royal or a Triple Threat match, because frankly there’s far too many opportunities to mask short-comings in those contests. If Breeze can have a great match, it can absolutely happen against Sami Zayn. While Zayn is clearly part of the cream of NXT’s crop, I’m predicting that Tyler Breeze wins this match for the following reasons:

  • The fans won’t riot if they have to wait a bit longer for Zayn to get an NXT Championship reign, and if Tyler Breeze cheats to win or gets a lucky victory, it doesn’t take anything away from Zayn.
  • Regardless of who wins the main event and walks out of NXT Takeover with the belt, that individual has been a “face” for a while, which lends itself nicely to having a heel like Breeze as the next challenger.
  • There’s always the potential that Zayn could be getting called up to the main roster soon, and this would be a way to help put over a rising heel by having a legit competitor “do the job” for him.

All signs seem to point to Breeze taking the victory, unless there’s something I haven’t witnessed which would indicate that Breeze isn’t ready to get a bit bigger share of the spotlight on NXT or that there might be some friction between Sami Zayn and either Tyson Kidd or Adrian Neville.

NXT Women’s Championship
Charlotte vs Natalya

If there’s a female MVP for WWE over the past five years, it’s absolutely Natalya. She helped bring AJ Lee and Kaitlyn into the forefront and mentored them. Now here she is giving some serious credibility to the Women’s division on NXT. I fully expect that Natalya will continue to help the division by putting over Charlotte and allowing another second-generation competitor to shine. Nattie doesn’t need NXT gold at this point in her career, as her credibility is as well established as her lineage. Charlotte has some skills, and this title reign is a great way to capitalize on not only her talent, but also help give her the rub from her father, Ric Flair, who will be at ringside for the match. If anyone can help mentor her to being a great CHAMPION, it’s The Nature Boy, and it would be a shame if this match doesn’t result in the beginning of her first reign.


NXT Championship
Adrian Neville (c) vs Tyson Kidd

For fans of high-flying wrestling with considerable amounts of technical prowess involved, this is a match you have to be salivating over. Both of these competitors have plenty of in-ring ability, and their only short-comings stem from their mic-skills (and potentially their height). The only reason Tyson Kidd should be getting the title match this month is to help further showcase Neville’s strong-points by being a credible and talented opponent. While I’d like Tyson Kidd to get serious consideration at some point, three months into Neville’s reign, at the first big event on which he’s defending the belt, is not the time or place for Kidd to take the belt. The only way Kidd walks off with the belt is if Neville has some sort of injury I don’t know about, or is scheduled for surgery to repair something and will be out for a while. Otherwise I’m confident that the belt isn’t going anywhere. This spotlight, though it’s only on NXT, should pair nicely with his appearances on Total Divas, and is a step in the right direction for Tyson Kidd.