Ryan Braun

Milwaukee fans have something to cheer about again as their star outfielder has been exonerated. Photo courtesy Christian Petersen/Getty Images North America

For the first time ever, a baseball player charged with violating MLB’s rules on performance enhancing drugs has won his appeal. The appeal, which is sort of an odd name since it’s the first actual “hearing” of any kind in the process, has become almost a kneejerk reaction for athletes who face such a large suspension if the guilty verdict is upheld. Since, until now, everyone of these appeals had been turned down, we ultimately expected nothing more from Braun’s.

It appears though, for now, that anyone who believe Braun was guilty of any wrongdoing is wrong them self. The Milwaukee Brewer no longer faces a 50-game ban and, as far as this particular case is concerned, he has nothing more to worry about.

While MLB gave no reason for the overturning of the ruling, Ryan Braun hasn’t shied away from using the 2-1 vote as corroboration of the innocence he has professed all along. Even other athletes like Packers QB Aaron Rodgers took to the world wide web supporting their fellow athlete (seen below).

Braun was expected to report to training camp tomorrow, and there’s no doubt that he can do so now with the scrutiny of a shoot-first-ask-questions-later sports media off his back.  Again, we don’t know what caused Major League Baseball to overturn their initial ruling. But considering all he did initially was test positive for elevated levels of testosterone it is fair to assume Ryan Braun is innocent.

So in a steroid-infused era where a number of heroes have been taken away from us, it seems, for the moment, we have been given one back. Just a few days ago we were talking about taking the NL MVP away from Braun. Now, in the wake of this news, sending a bouquet of apology roses seems more appropriate.

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