It’s Wednesday, so in addition to the Power Rankings, we’ve got two NFC East fans giving it one last try for the regular season at predicting winners.

Limping towards the finish, of the 2010 season. 7-9 last week was not a rebound I was looking for, and going into this week, where we aren’t sure what’s gonna happen with players sitting as most of the playoff spots are filled. Three of the four byes are settled. Every game is Sunday.

Carolina @ Atlanta

Atlanta has to play if they want the 1 seed and a bye. If they lose and New Orleans wins, New Orleans gets the bye. So the NFC’s best. Football’s worst.

MY PICK: Atlanta

Rob’s Pick:  Falcons.  A home playoff game is on the line, so there’s no chance Atlanta is going to let their starters rest.  Although John Fox would probably love to win his last game as a coach in the NFC South, it’s not going to happen.

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland

Pittsburgh needs to win to get the 2 seed, the divsion crown, and that precious bye. They will be playing possessed football.

MY PICK: Pittsburgh

Rob’s Pick:  Steelers.  You don’t run on Pittsburgh, and that’s the only way Cleveland would win.

Minnesota @ Detroit

Detroit has been playing pretty well. Minnesota has had a crazy season and managed to pull a huge upset last week against the Eagles (hurts me to type that).

MY PICK: Detroit

Rob’s Pick:  The Lions.  They’ve got their defense clicking and their offensive weapons are healthy.

Oakland @ Kansas City

Kansas City has their spot. I suspect they’re gonna rest starters for at least a half. So I see Oakland getting a win in their finale.

MY PICK: Oakland

Rob’s Pick:  Kansas City.  Their defense is their strong point, and I don’t think the Chiefs are going to let the Raiders get the improbable sweep of the AFC West (as Oakland is 5-0 thus far).

Miami @ New England

Its a toss up on who will and won’t play for New England. I think the fact that New England has a bye and the 1 seed means their starters get a half, at least. And the back ups are competitive too.

MY PICK: New England

Rob’s Pick:  Patriots.  Miami lost to Detroit last week and Buffalo the week before that.  Both games were in Miami.  The Dolphins aren’t going to win this game.

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans

New Orleans has a playoff spot, but have a chance to win the division, if Atlanta can lose. Since they both play at 1pm, both will have to play. MAYBE New Orleans pulls starters if it sees Atlanta up 20+ or something.

MY PICK: New Orleans

Rob’s Pick:  Saints.  They want to keep the momentum going.

Buffalo @ New York Jets

Jets haven’t been playing well, and I can see Rex making them play the whole game even if their playoff seeding is set in stone.

MY PICK: New York Jets

Rob’s Pick:  Buffalo.  The Bills play well against decent teams (aside from Week 16), and the Jets are likely to rest players since they have little to play for.

Cincinnati @ Baltimore

Cincy actually looked good without the T.Ocho Show on the field, but Baltimore is playing for a chance at the division, 2 seed, and a bye. Plus they’re at home.

MY PICK: Baltimore

Rob’s Pick:  Ravens.  They want redemption over the loss early in the season, and that playoff stuff will be a good motivator, too.

San Diego @ Denver

Tim Tebow got his first win as a QB last week… and there was much rejoicing, not by me, but the Tebow Nation erupted with glee, I’m sure. Maybe San Diego just gives up, but I feel like that offense can’t just pack it in.

MY PICK: San Diego

Rob’s Pick:  Chargers.  Their team is just too talented.  Last time they played, San Diego got a lopsided win.

Chicago @ Green Bay

Chicago has nothing to play for. Thanks to the Eagles pooping the bed. Green Bay has everything to play for. A win and you’re in situation, and a healthy Aaron Rodgers means I’m picking the Pack.

MY PICK: Green Bay

Rob’s Pick:  The Packers are great, and although the Bears have put most of their pieces in place, Green Bay is a better team, and they nearly defeated Chicago earlier in the season.  They’re not going to forget that game, and they’re not going to commit as many penalties this time around.

Tennessee @ Indianapolis

Peyton at home playing with a chance to get into the playoffs for…what… the 109th straight season? Again a team who has nothing to play for. A team who has EVERYTHING to play for.

MY PICK: Indianapolis

Rob’s Pick:  The Colts.  They’re going to force their way into the playoffs, and Tennessee isn’t going to stop them.

Dallas @ Philadelphia

I think I’ve picked Philly every week. SO why stop now? They’re gonna bench Vick and Desean, at least… Still.


Rob’s Pick:  Dallas.  If the Eagles are benching guys, they’re not going to have enough to beat the Cowboys.  They lost to Minnesota even WITH those guys in the game.

Arizona @ San Francisco

San Fran fired Mike Singletary. Arizona is playing for this season to be over so they can attempt to find a quarterback. San Fran is home, and has the “new coach bump”.

MY PICK: San Francisco

Rob’s Pick:  Arizona.  No “new coach bump” this week, and Arizona’s QB is getting comfortable with his wide receivers.

New York Giants @ Washington

Giants need help to get into the playoffs. Washington continues the Rex Grossman Experience. Tom Coughlin’s squad may be playing for his job… OR, he’s already lost it.

MY PICK: New York Giants

Rob’s Pick:  The Redskins, because they’re my team!  Also, the wheels are falling off the Giants.

Jacksonville @ Houston

Houston has been a huge disappointment. I worry that picking Jacksonville can bite me because if they see Indy win they’ll have nothing to play for. Still.. its Houston…

MY PICK: Jacksonville

Rob’s Pick:  Jacksonville.  The Jags should have a fun time on offense this week.

St. Louis @ Seattle

Win and you’re in. A one game NFC West Playoff game… on primetime… ugh… its like a nightmare. St Louis wins they go 8-8 and host a playoff game. Seattle wins they go 7-9 and host a playoff game. Yyyyyyeah…. about that. I’m rooting for Seattle to win so there is more of a fuss kicked up about a losing record getting into the playoffs and hosting a game. But I’m PICKING St. Louis.

MY PICK: St. Louis

Rob’s Pick:  St Louis, because I like their offense and their defense is under-rated.

Important Games:

Oakland (Sir Hayes) @ Kansas City (Rob)

Buffalo (Rob) @ New York Jets (Sir Hayes)

Dallas (Rob) @ Philadelphia (Sir Hayes)

Arizona (Rob) @ San Francisco (Sir Hayes)

New York Giants (Sir Hayes) @ Washington (Rob)

There we have it. the 2010 regular season is in the books. We’ll see you for the playoffs!!!!