Much like the blockbuster film set to hit theaters in March, the upcoming Super Bowl sets up to be Batman v Superman… but not in the way Cam Newton might have you believe.

He’s no Superman.

In the upcoming film, Dawn Of Justice puts the veteran crime fighter Batman at odds with the young, upstart Superman. To claim that this has a valid comparison to aging veteran Peyton Manning, the oldest Quarterback to lead a team to the Super Bowl, mixing it up with a young Cam Newton, who likes to pretend to be Superman after scoring a touchdown, misses the point of those characters and these quarterbacks.

peyton3Peyton Manning is the Superman of this scenario. He’s the “awww shucks”, boy scout who is widely respected. Beloved, even. Aside from huge games in the playoffs, seemingly his one kryptonite, Peyton Manning has been all but unstoppable throughout his career. He has been breaking records which long seemed untouchable. And whether he wins or loses, he’s humble and reserved.

On the other side of the match up, it’s Cam Newton. He’s a guy who is beloved by Carolina Panthers fans, feared by defenses of his opponents, and can be dangerous running or passing due to his incredible athleticism and size. The other guys on his team, talented as they might be, often play second fiddle as Newton takes center stage. Cam had more rushing touchdowns than the leading rusher on his team by nearly double. In fact, Newton has had more rushing touchdowns than Carolina’s first-round drafted runningback Jonathan Stewart for each of the five seasons they’ve played together. When it comes right down to it, he doesn’t trust anyone as much as he trusts himself. And he’s not a squeaky clean “good guy”, either. Like Batman, a lot of people don’t like the way Cam conducted himself to get to this point, getting arrested in college and being part of a controversy over whether or not he broke the rules. That’s not to say that what he’s doing now isn’t good for his community. By all accounts, he’s probably making Carolina a better place for the people around him, just like Batman and Bruce Wayne make Gotham City a better place. That doesn’t mean that his methods along the way have been above reproach. Just like Batman, however, he has skirted justice in a way that has allowed him to continue on his path to greatness.


At the end of the day, they’re both great quarterbacks. Take nothing away from either one of them, they’re both in the list of top competitors in the league. Any team would be happy to have either one of them. It’s no surprise that either one of them was able to take their teams to the Super Bowl this year. But their styles are completely different. Their backgrounds are different. They way they’re regarded by NFL fans outside of just the state they play for is vastly different. Just like Superman and Batman.