As we head into Week 6, we’ve finally had enough NFL games played to where we can look at the outcomes and compare all 32 teams. Here are the GuysNation Power Rankings. We encourage your comments, and if they’re good perspectives, we’ll take them int account a week from now when the next rankings come out.

32 – St. Louis Rams (0-4)

Three of the losses are at home, one of them was by 30 points, and they gave a 1-4 team their only victory… by a margin of 18 points.

31 – Miami Dolphins (0-4)

Three of their losses were by double digits.

30 – Indianapolis Colts (0-5)

The blow-out loss at Houston can be somewhat forgiven (crazy QB situation, away game and a divisional opponent), and none of the other losses were by double-digits, and two of the games were against really good teams.

29 – Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4)

They have a win against a decent team, though it was a divisional opponent at home. They got blown out – on the road by a good team, and they’ve played three other teams who could be contenders.

28 – Carolina Panthers (1-4)

No double digit losses, and they have to be ahead of Jacksonville due to having the same record and they beat the Jaguars.

27 – Arizona Cardinals (1-4)

They beat the Panthers. Three of their losses were on the road, and three of their losses were by less than 5 points.

26 – Denver Broncos (1-4)

All five of their opponents have been quality, only one loss was by more than 5 points… and that was a road game against the reigning Super Bowl champions.

25 – Minnesota Vikings (1-4)

No loss was by more than 7 points, their biggest loss was a road game against a high quality opponent, and their victory was by 24 points.

24 – Philadelphia Eagles (1-4)

Their one victory, albeit on the road, was against the lowest team on this list. They’ve got three losses on their record against top 10 teams, though letting San Francisco cross the country and win on the East Coast has to be disappointing to Eagles faithful.

23 – Kansas City Chiefs (2-3)

Their two wins were against lowly teams. They got blown out twice – albeit against top tier teams.

22 – Cleveland Browns (2-2)

Their victories are against lowly teams, and both losses were at home by double-digits.

21 – Seattle Seahawks (2-3)

Their victory in Week 5 against the Giants in New York was good, but the win at home against Arizona isn’t inspiring. Losing to Steelers by 24 points in Pittsburgh? It looks bad… but getting shut out was even worse.

20 – Atlanta Falcons (2-3)

They beat the Seahawks in Seattle… albeit by 2… and their three losses were to decent teams – two of them on the road.

19 – Chicago Bears (2-3)

They beat the Falcons, so they hop up over them because of that. They don’t have any single-digit losses, and their win over the Panthers in Chicago was by less than a touchdown.

18 – Dallas Cowboys (2-2)

They barely beat Washington, but they got a quality win in San Francisco and there’s nothing wrong with losses to the Lions and the Jets, by less than 5 points each game.

17 – New York Jets (2-3)

They beat Dallas, so that puts them here. A big win over the Jaguars… at least shows they can run up the score. Their three losses were all against good teams.

16 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2)

Three wins, though none of them by double-digits. The loss to Detroit by a touchdown week 1 isn’t a huge deal… and it’s not necessarily a problem to lose to the 49’ers in San Francisco… but 45 points is a huge loss.

15 – Tennessee Titans (3-2)

They have one good win, one unfortunate loss (@ Jacksonville by 2) and a big loss to a good team (@ Pittsburgh by 21). They stayed above the Buccaneers due to the outcome margins of their losses and having played a slightly better caliber of opponents in their wins.

14 – New York Giants (3-2)

The loss at the Redskins isn’t terrible (divisional opponent road game, less than 20 points), but losing at home to Seattle is really unfortunate. The wins aren’t inspiring (Eagles, Rams, Cardinals)

13 – Cincinnati Bengals (3-2)

Two road wins, and their losses have been by 5 points or fewer.

12 – Oakland Raiders (3-2)

Losses were against good teams, one of which was a cross-country trip in a narrow outcome. Two road victories and a home win over a decent Jets team.

11 – Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2)

Nice shut-out / blow-out win over Seattle, good blow-out of Tennessee, respectable loss at Houston, and the Baltimore game… was unfortunate.

10 – Houston Texans (3-2)

They beat Pittsburgh, lost to two top-tier teams by 7 points or fewer.

9 – Washington Redskins (3-1)

Two points away from being undefeated, and that loss was a divisional road game. Their wins aren’t all that inspiring, though.

8 – San Diego Chargers (4-1)

Their victories aren’t great, and you can’t fault them (much) for losing in the cross-country road trip against the Patriots.

7 – New Orleans Saints (4-1)

No big deal losing to the Packers on opening night by single-digits in Green Bay. Their wins aren’t against stellar opponents and the win against Carolina by only 3 is a bit underwhelming.

6 – Buffalo Bills (4-1)

A blow-out win, two victories over top-tier teams, a road loss by only 3… but 4 of the 5 outcomes were by 7 points or less. I won’t blame anyone for being dubious of the Bills.

5 – Baltimore Ravens (3-1)

Three wins by large margins (28 against the Steelers most impressive of the trio), and the loss was to a top-half team in a let-down game.

4 – San Francisco 49ers (4-1)

A narrow defeat in their one loss, two road wins (albeit by 5 points or fewer), and a huge win over the Bucs by 45.

3 – New England Patriots (4-1)

Two of their wins were over top tier teams, and their loss was in a divisional road game by a mere 3 points.

2 – Detroit Lions (5-0)

Three road wins, a blow-out win and taking care of business against a decent divisional opponent.

1 – Green Bay Packers (5-0)

They’re the reigning champs, they’re undefeated, they have three road wins, a good victory over the Saints to start the season and a blow-out win over the sub-par Broncos.