On Sunday afternoon the marquee match-up in the Wild Card Round of the 2011/2012 playoffs finds the wild card qualifying Pittsburgh Steelers visiting the AFC West Division winners – the Denver Broncos. Here at GuysNation some of our NFL contributors discussed our various views on this game.

Rob: The Broncos might have a worse record than the Steelers, but because they’re hosting the game as a division winner and with all the injuries to the Steelers, Tim Tebow and Company are going to be highly
competitive against Pittsburgh and should cover the 9 point betting spread, if not win outright.

JMB: I can see the Broncos making it closer than 9, but I just can’t see them winning this game.  The Steelers have a top flight defense, and sure they have some injuries in the secondary/Ryan Clark won’t be playing, but this defense has been ranked highly at times this year missing Harrison, Woodley, Farrior, Polamalu, Brett Keisel and losing the amazingly undervalued Aaron Smith to career ending injury.  Yes they are thin right now, but strength on strength I would bet on the Steeler defense over Tim Tebow’s dwindling confidence and his new found ability to turn the ball over.  On the flipside, Issac Redman has outplayed Mendenhall at times this season and is runs strong, which I think serves the Steelers well.  The biggest concern is the health of Big Ben’s ankle, which is why I think the Steelers O has been sputtering a bit, and why I think this game will be close.  However, I look for the Steelers to get that one big turnover and have that one big play from Ben to Antonio Brown and that is the margin of difference int his match up.

XIV:  The only nod, and its a slight one, I give Denver?  Their starting running back.  Everything else goes the way of the Steelers. I’ll take a 70 percent big Ben over Tebow.  Pittsburgh’s defense will make a LONG LONG day for Timmy… as if his last 3 weeks haven’t been long enough.  Pitt has the tape to figure him out. That means their offense doesn’t have to be good.  Just, good enough. Pittsburgh 17  Denver 9

Rob: I’m not emotionally tied to either team in this game, but I wouldn’t want my hopes to ride with Isaac Redmon. He’s never carried the ball 20 times in a single game this season, has yet to rush for over 100 yards in a game, and the Broncos have only allowed a 100-yard rushing performance to four opponents this season, and in those games they only allowed a QB to throw for more than 200 yards once. With Roethlisberger’s injury issues, Mendenhall leaving the Steelers without a two-RB set, and Ryan Clark not able to play, I’d be seriously worried if I owned a Terrible Towel that I wouldn’t get to wave it for my team next week.

Jeff S: Since Tebowmania travelled to Buffalo, we’ve seen a different Broncos offense. Regardless of not having the home field advantage, the Steelers should be able to cover the spread. I like Tebow and how he puts it all out there to wins games. Mechanics Schemanics, the guys wins games.  Unfortunately, they’ll need more than devine intervention to win this week.