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Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots

Rob (@GuysNation): The Baltimore Ravens will win the AFC Championship on Sunday, and their win over the New England Patriots has nothing to do with Tom Brady sitting out practice one or two days this week. The Baltimore Ravens are a great defense, the likes of which the Patriots haven’t seen all season. The Broncos have a defense which is being praised for helping Denver reach the second round of the playoffs, but they don’t compare to what the Ravens can do. And despite what anyone (including his own team mates) may say about Joe Flacco, he’s a much better QB than Tim Tebow. Given Baltimore’s stout defense and highly dangerous weapons on offense, the Ravens are going to beat the Patriots to earn a spot in the Super Bowl.

Adam (@theAdamGreen of While one could say the Patriots haven’t faced an offense like Baltimore’s, the Ravens certainly haven’t seen a team that can score like New England. No team on this planet can cover all the weapons Tom Brady has at his disposal, and Ed Reed’s injury could ultimately prove to be too much. Seriously, who stops Rob Gronkowski? Besides, if the Pats’ offense doesn’t kill Baltimore, the Ravens’ will. Joe Flacco has not been good, and is not good enough to burn New England’s suspect defense. Keep in mind the Ravens would have lost to Houston — in Baltimore — had the Texans not been reduced to starting T.J. Yates at QB.

XIV (@sirmhayesxiv): Hey at least I was perfect in the AFC last week! Tommy Terrific and the Patriots defense gave he who can be named this week, but won’t… a brutal beating of the most literal and figurative kind. The Galloping God (feel free to use that nickname… as long as i’m credited) left Gillette with busted up ribs. Tom Brady walked out with another record setting performance and played mean and angry. The Pats look unstoppable after that showing against the Broncos… The Ravens? The Ravens on the other hand look like they should’ve been home for the playoffs if Houston had Matt Schaub instead of TJ Yates… and Yates STILL almost beat them. Throw in the fact that one of the Raven’s leaders… a guy who should KNOW better, Ed Reed spouted off about how frazzled QB Joe Flacco looked against the Texans’ defense, and you have all the ingredients for disaster. Lets take a quick look at the Reed comments. I don’t think they’re that volatile, or that they’re untrue. After jumping out to a 14-0 lead, the Ravens offense floundered… and that’s putting it mildly. The problem isn’t THAT he said it. Its how and when he said it. A satellite radio show the week of the AFC Championship Game and now everyone is running with the soundbites. Every numb skull (including this one right here) is talking about it. Fellow defensive/team leaders Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs (Ball Hard U represent) have come out and gotten Joe’s back. But you can’t get this back into the bottle. These situations are never good for a team. Even a veteran heavy squad like Baltimore’s. Flacco has already been out once being verbally cranky about questions about his play. Now he has to answer questions from his own teammate? Recipe for disaster. Recipe for The Hoodie to study those Houston looks and do everything he can to make Joe look as Average as possible (see what I did there?)… Baltimore’s defense CAN slow the Patriots down, but they can’t stop them. Tom Brady is too good. Those TE matchups are too nightmarish. They’re great at adding wrinkles and getting stuff out of players you wouldn’t imagine… like Aaron Hernandez carrying the ball 5 times out of the backfield. New England 27 Baltimore 13 Bonus Prediction: Baltimore seriously thinks about signing Peyton Manning.

Rob: If Peyton Manning goes to the Ravens, that’s potentially the worst thing that could happen for that team. Manning’s probably got three years left – at best – and it’s also a best case scenario that Ray Lewis and Ed Reed have three years left. They’d be taking a step back in terms of their long-term QB situation because Joe Flacco would never be able to return there if Peyton supplants him. In three years (or less), they’d essentially be starting all over.

Danny Rouhier (@funnydanny from 106.7 The Fan DC): One the things I always try and remind folks who call into the show is that we need to remember when someone sucks. We, as fans, talk ourselves into crazy things because we forget the simplest thing. Joe Flacco sucks. If you’re picking the Ravens on the road (where they were awful this year. See Jacksonville, SD, Tenn, Sea), it means you’re counting on Joe Flacco to make enough winning plays to outscore the Patriots. The Pats defense is by no means a juggernaut, but very quietly the last several weeks, has gotten healthier and has played solidly (15th in the league in points allowed). That’s more than enough for their lethal offense to do what it does. Baltimore will make it a little tougher but no one is stopping the Pats at home with all the weapons they have for the best QB of our generation. The Pats are going to the Super Bowl and there is nothing we can do about it.

Wallace (@bwall87): I don’t see Baltimore’s offense scoring enough points to keep up with the Patriots offense. Tom Brady has 2 great TE’s, and 2 good WR’s, I don’t see the linebackers or safeties of the Ravens being able to stop the Patriots TE’s. I agree with Danny about the Ravens being horrible on the road and about Joe Flacco. The guys sucks and when it comes down to him making plays in this game because they are losing he will crumble under the pressure. The Patriots will be going to the Super Bowl again.

Mike Frandsen (Bleacher Report Profile): The big advantages the Patriots have against the Ravens are at quarterback and tight end. Tom Brady is at his peak while Joe Flacco has trouble winning on the road. The Ravens don’t have anyone who can stop Rob Gronkowski. Baltimore’s defense is solid but Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are at the end of their careers and on the downside. The Patriots’ defensive ranking is misleading, because New England scores so quickly that their defense has to be on the field a long time. The Ravens’ only shot will be to feed the ball to Ray Rice, get touches for Torrey Smith, and create turnovers. There is another issue here, though. Baltimore’s ground game must be stopped, and I’m not talking about Rice. Ravens fans are increasing in Maryland towns like Columbia and Frederick, which are the same distance from both D.C. and Baltimore. If the Ravens get to the Super Bowl, they will only get more popular while the Redskins’ fan base continues to slowly decline. Redskins fans must root against Baltimore to stop an invasion of ugly purple uniforms in the D.C. area. It was cute in 2000 when we rooted for them in the Super Bowl, but it’s not so funny anymore. The Ravens will continue to be what they always have been, a boring, above average team with an uneven offense. New England 31, Baltimore 17.

Rob: I wouldn’t say that the Ravens don’t have someone to stop Rob Gronkowski. Sure, he had a great season, but he didn’t score a touchdown in six games. The Raiders, Jets, Cowboys, Steelers, Broncos and Dolphins all stopped him from reaching the end zone. Four times he was held under 60 yards recieving, so you can add the Eagles to that list. He might’ve scored twice against the Chiefs, but he was held to four total receptions that game. Gronk is a monster, but he’s far from unstoppable.

Another IWC Jerk (@AnotherIWCJerk): I’m trying my hardest to not let my hatred of the Patriots affect my pick here. So here’s how I see it: The Patriots defense sucks. Period. We all saw a couple years ago in the Playoffs, in New England, that Baltimore can run all day on the Pats’ D. Their defense is even worse this year than it was back then. I mean, I can’t sugar coat it, that’s how it is. Joe Flacco may not be the best QB in the world, but he’s proven he can win and proven he can lead the Ravens deep into the Playoffs.

On the other side of the coin, the Patriots offense has been almost unstoppable. Tom Brady has had an unbelievable year, and who saw Rob Gronkowski’s season coming? That said, it’s obvious that the Pats offense has been pretty one-dimensional, seeing as their running game has been ineffective this year. The Ravens have all the right tools to stop the Patriots offense. This might be the last chance that Ray Lewis and the stellar Ravens defensive corps gets to go back to the Super Bowl, and I think they pull it out in a shocker. Official pick: Baltimore Ravens

Mark C: Okay, since I was 1 for 4 last week in my picks and I was hoping not to have to write down New England’s name down again. I also do not want my dislike of the Pats to cloud my pick. I am hoping that the Raven’s defense can stop Brady and that even though their offense is anemic, they can score. I will be rooting for Baltimore to pull this one out, but my official pick is that New England is returning to the Super Bowl.

JMB: As a Steelers fan I have a great dislike for both of these teams, so having to chose between them for the Super Bowl is done with gritted teeth. Looking at this game its Strength vs. Strength and Weakness vs. Weakness. I give a slight edge to the Patriots offense against the Ravens defense simply due to the great TE play. On the flipside, even with Joe “I am not Elite” Flacco at the helm I give a HUGE advantage to the Raven’s offense, even with the recent improved play of the Patriots Defense. Ray Rice can take over this game in spite of Flacco and bring this one home for the Ravens. Brady will keep it close, but in the end, I like the Ravens in one last emotional push for Ray Lewis and the D. Ravens 24, Patriots 23.

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So that’s where the Round Table stands, what say you?