Sunday’s NFC match up in the Wild Card Round of the 2011/2012 playoffs finds the wild card qualifying Atlanta Falcons visiting the NFC East Division winners – the New York Giants. Here at GuysNation some of our NFL contributors discussed our various views on this game.

Rob: The Giants have the worst record out of any NFC playoff team, but their defense and a couple key components on offense are enough to defeat the Falcons this weekend.

JMB: I am going with the Giants in this match up.  I know that’s risky, because you never know which Giants team you are going to get.  Is it the big play, lion-hearted team that came back to take out the Cowboys earlier in the season and then smashed Dallas in the finale, or do you get the Giants who laid an egg against the Redskins?  Who knows.  However, in this big game I think it will come down to the fact that Atlanta hasn’t been able to run the ball consistently.  I don’t see Michael Turner and co. being able to control the clock and then allow Matty Ice the the good looks and time to go looking for big plays from White and Jones.  This will allow the Giants to hang around, and with Nicks and the sensational Victor Cruz able to make some big plays, the Giants pull this one out at home.

XIV:  In the interest of being forthright… I hate-hate-hate the NY Giants.  I bleed Eagle Green.  The Giants are my most despised NFC East squad.  So no matter what i predict?  I’ll be rooting for the Falcons.  Oh, those falcons are flying high right now. (see what I did there?) … Matt Ryan to Julio Jones has been amazing the last 3+ weeks.  Which has made up for Michael Turner loosing a little steam the last few weeks.  Eli Manning has shown himself to be an elite QB, like he said he was in last offseason.  Victor Cruz has come out of no where to become all pro caliber WR.  Weather permitting, this could end up as a shoot out.  Giants are home.  Meaning Atlanta is outside. New York 31  Atlanta 21

Rob: If Michael Turner is truly back to form, and if the Falcons can shut down Victor Cruz, then Atlanta could have a very good shot of advancing. Julio Jones does have 6 touchdown receptions over the past 4 games, but he only scored in one other game this season prior to that, and neither of those five teams is known for having a stout defense. Roddy White looked great the past five weeks, but he leads the league in dropped passes this season and was limited in practice this week. The Giants have 5 interceptions and 12 sacks over the last three games, none of which included the other team passing for more than 251 yards, and no opponent gained more than 335 yards of total offense during that span against New York. I hate to say it as much as XIV does, but I really think Eli Manning is going to advance to the second round. Also, don’t knock the Giants for how they played against the Redskins or Cowboys or even the Eagles. Divisional games are crazy and can go either way. Even if the Redskins went 14-2 and the Cowboys go 2-14, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dallas’ only two wins in a season came at Washington’s expense.

Jeff S: Toughest game to predict this weekend. For Atlanta, which team shows up? They must have a big game running the ball. We all know they can air it out but can they get Turner going? Gotta run the ball and stop the run; the playoff mantra.  On the other side, which team shows up? The one that lost to the Skins or the one that beat New England? Talk about opposites! Again, this team can air it out but can they establish the ground game? To me, the team that rushes the ball successfully will win here. Look for the G-Men to do just that. Another great, close game with the Giants winning.

Rob: So everyone’s predicting a Giants win, which essentially ensures that the Falcons will win in a rout, which would make me happy.