RG3SUS: Based on fan reaction, the Redskins faithful believe their team has a new savior. Photo courtesy Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The kickoff festivities are over and now it’s time to get on with the rest of the season. Still, that’s not to say this first week hasn’t been eye-opening. Here are some thoughts that have occurred to me now that we’ve had the time to digest a little bit what happened this past weekend.

Peyton It Forward

Peyton Manning wasn’t given the opportunity to come back to the Colts and thank them for their support in battling an injury that forced him to miss an entire NFL season. But that’s not to say he isn’t helping ANY football team out.

Manning look true to form in his debut with the Broncos and, if the Colts had any delusions that they were a playoff contender this season, they should note the AFC playoff picture is a lot more crowded thanks to their former signal caller.

A lot of people thought the Broncos might win their division just because it was so lackluster. Now, though, I can confidently say that I think Denver could do it in an even tougher division. Don’t write these guys off as “one and done” if they make the postseason.

R-G-3 Might by Better Named R-G-7, and May be the New Favorite for R-O-Y

The people who really believe in Tim Tebow often call him a “gamer”, meaning that he elevates his level of play when he’s actually in the game and, thus, does a lot more once it actually matters. After watching Robert Griffin III in his first “meaningful” game, I’m starting to think the label may also fit him. But he’s so good with his mechanics and fundamentals that the thought that his play could go even higher is borderline scary.

If you asked someone who knew football but didn’t know players if RG3 was a rookie as he dissected the Saints defense, nine out of ten would probably say no and they tenth would be dead wrong. There’s something MAGICAL about this kid that I just can’t describe, much like the proverbial “X Factor” scouts so often talk about.

Even when Griffin was shoved out of bounds, it felt like he FLOATED to the ground, as if gravity had less of an effect on him. And if you saw some of the balls he threw Sunday, you might think that theory also applies there. It’s not that RG3 made hard things look easy, it’s that, at times, it seemed like he was making impossible things seem possible. I know were only one week in, but Griffin has to be considered a HEAVY favorite for Rookie of the Year at this point.

Baltimore O > Baltimore D

Everyone has an image when they think AFC East football. Between Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and, yes, even Cincinnati, there’s a reputation that hard, physical defense defines the division. Well, the Ravens offense blew that theory to smithereens Monday Night.

Did you actually SEE that offensive unit work in the first game Monday Night? At times, it looked like Alabama beating up on a powder puff like North Texas. Cincy and Baltimore didn’t even look like they belonged in the same level of football much less the same division.

Now, the bad news in all this is that I was looking for a reason to tear Joe Flacco a new one for when he said he thought he was the best quarterback in the NFL. It didn’t come Monday, and, after that drubbing against what I had considered to be a fairly solid defense, I’m worried I may have to wait longer. If they keep playing like this, every pundit who picked the Ravens to win the Super Bowl is going to come off looking REALLY good.

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