Free Agency has officially started, and although I wouldn’t be surprised if the Washington Redskins had already signed multiple free agents here in the few minutes after midnight, I want to quickly look at where the Redskins might cast their focus on free agents as we move into the uncapped year.

First and foremost, I don’t think the Redskins should do much of anything at the Quarterback position.  I really like Jason Campbell, and I’d like to see what Colt Brennan can do.  If the Redskins want a third QB, they could look late in the draft (round 5+), but I don’t want to hear anything about Jimmy Clausen or Sam Bradford or Tim Tebow.  Just… No.  Veteran QBs out there who might do a decent job now that Todd Collins is gone:  David Carr or Charlie Batch.  Anyone other than those two would be too high profile.

I’ve predicted for a while that Clinton Portis was on his way out, and it looks like I might be wrong.  Rock Cartwright and Ladell Betts ARE gone, so now the Redskins have to do something.  They shouldn’t pick up any of the guys who are around 30 years old – Thomas Jones (31), LaDainian Tomlinson, Brian Westbrook, Chester Taylor, Larry Johnson, Jamal Lewis (all 30) or Willie Parker (29).  Those guys are GONE from their old teams for a reason (in Larry Johnson’s case, it’s more than one reason).  Darren Sproles is reportedly resigning with San Diego, so we’ll see more about that as it happens.  Leon Washington (28) could be an okay pickup, but I wouldn’t be excited about him sharing the backfield with Portis, no matter who the starter would be.  Pierre Thomas (25) of the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints would be a GREAT addition to the team, though as a restricted free agent, it would cost the Redskins a lot to bring him to town.  I’d be excited if he shows up, though.  Ronnie Brown of the Miami Dolphins could be an alright option, but at 28 years old he’s probably only got 2 or 3 more years left, so he’s not nearly as exciting as Thomas who is three years younger.  Jerome Harrison (27) could be a really good option given what he showed he can do in the last half of last season playing for the dreadful Cleveland Browns.  He’s two years older than Thomas, but still a viable RB to split time with Portis (or whomever).  I don’t want to hear anything about Le’Ron McClain, Cadillac Williams, LenDale White or Mike Bell.  None of those options work for me.  None.

At Wide Receiver, there’s one huge name out there who would seem like a typical Redskins free agent signing – Terrell Owens.  I don’t think it would be good for Jason Campbell or the rest of the locker room to take T.O.  I think the Baltimore Ravens should take Owens because I think he’ll gel in Baltimore with Ray Lewis and the rest of those guys keeping him in line similarly to how you see Randy Moss working well in New England.  This isn’t the same Terrell Owens from four years ago.  When’s the last time you ACTUALLY heard something negative from T.O.?  Part of that is because he was in Buffalo last year, where the media doesn’t dare roam, and Ray Lewis could be the calming factor in 2010-11 for the gifted WR.

If the Redskins do target a free agent WR, which I don’t think is likely, there are two options to consider:  a veteran route-runner to help Devin Thomas / Malcolm Kelly – someone like Derrick Mason, Issac Bruce, Chris Chambers or Mushin Muhammad.  They could also work out some sort of trade to help bring Brandon Marshall to town, since he wants to leave Denver.  It would apparently take a first round pick to get Marshall, so other options for the Redskins could be Vincent Jackson or Anquan Boldin, both of whom would likely cost less.  If the Redskins don’t go for a veteran WR to be 4th string and they don’t make a trade for one of the top 5 WR in the league as mentioned, I hope they avoid the rest of the options.  I really like Steve Breaston, but they should just leave him alone.

Typically after WR, people talk about tight ends.  The Redskins do NOT need a free agent TE.  They’ve got Cooley and Fred Davis, and unless they want to trade Davis, there’s not really a roster spot for another TE, unless they want to pick up a BLOCKING TE, but that’s not necessariliy the type of thing people read blogs to read about.

On the offensive line, one of the Redskins’ biggest needs, Washington should target Jahri Evans, Logan Mankins, Marcus McNeill – all 28 years old or younger.  Jared Gaither could be an alright option, but if Baltimore lets this 24 year old leave, I’d be weary.  Willie Colon of Pittsburgh has a reputation for being inconsistent, so stay away from him.  Jammal Brown’s history of injury makes me hope he doesn’t come to town.  There are plenty of options out there, and I think the Redskins should’ve tried to convince Joe Bugel to stay in town long enough to help them evaluate the guys who are out there.

On the defensive line, I think the target should be on defensive tackle – but NOT for a superstar.  The Redskins should be looking for a hard-working quality backup to Haynesworth, someone who would be a good starter if Albert goes down with injury – especially now that they’ve released Cornelius Griffin.

For Defensive Ends, I don’t think the Redskins really need to sign someone here.  Charles Grant hit the market tonight, and he’d be a quality player to bring to town if they want someone.  The Redskins aren’t likely to bring in Julius Peppers, which is a good decision in my book, since he has a reputation for taking plays off and being a not-so-great locker room influence.  I think the team is better off without him, letting Brian Orakpo be the stud defensive end, giving credibility to his deep voice as he yells at team mates to get them in line and get him to work harder.  Rumors are that Peppers is likely to sign with the Chicago Bears, who have already committed Peppers to visit there first on Friday.

I’m hearing that great cornerback Antonio Cromartie was traded from the San Diego Chargers to the New York Jets for a 3rd round pick NEXT YEAR (potentially a 2nd rounder based on performance), and I have to wonder why the Redskins couldn’t have pulled off this trade.  Unbelievable.  I don’t really see any other names which would be exciting to bring in, but with Fred Smoot being released, it might be good to bring in a decent nickel cornerback… unless that’s what the Redskins have Carlos Rogers penciled in their depth chart as.  Either way, they’ll need someone.  Ellis Hobbs, Anthony Henry, Marlin Jackson, Ken Lucas, Dre’ Bly could all be decent options.

There’s plenty of talk around town that the Redskins could use a Free Safety to come in so LaRon Landry can move to Strong Safety, keeping him from getting beaten on long passes w/ routes containing double-moves.  Darren Sharper is getting older, but he had quite a few INT last  year for the Saints – more than one of them were returned for touchdowns.  There’s no need for Antoine Bethea or Roman Harper, both of whom are more apt to play Strong Safety, which isn’t a need here.  O.J. Atogwe might not be a sexy signing for people looking a big name, but if he can recover from injury,  the 29 year old could have a few good years of quality production.

With 10 releases from their roster tonight, I’m very curious to see who the Redskins are targeting, especially given they cut two runningbacks.

We here at GuysNation will do our best to cover what’s happening in free agency as it breaks.